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Have beautiful skin in summer:our fresh beauty routine!

Armed with your beach towel, your hat and your sunglasses, you are ready to enjoy the summer! But every year, it's the same thing:between sunburn, salt water and heat, your skin acts up. To have beautiful, fresh and radiant skin all summer long, here is Veld's special summer beauty routine!

Know the effects of summer on the skin

The arrival of summer is not always synonymous with rest and vacation, especially for your skin, which is put to the test during this season. To take good care of your skin in summer, you must first understand how the epidermis works.

To protect itself from external aggressions, the skin has a protective barrier:the hydrolipidic film . Composed of water and lipids, it is weakened by summer heat and UV rays. In fact, UVA and UVB rays are not only responsible for sunburn, but they also accelerate skin aging.

Throughout the summer, your skin is also attacked by swimming or air conditioning , both of which dry out the epidermis by removing lipids from the hydrolipidic film. The skin tissue will then show signs of fatigue:redness, dryness, tightness... To avoid these inconveniences, it is essential to adapt your beauty routine to the summer .

A refreshing beauty routine for beautiful skin this summer

Gentle cleansing

When you get out of bed, your skin needs a gentle cleansing . Floral water or a gentle lotion are enough to wake up the skin while eliminating toxins and excess sebum released during the night. For an even more refreshing effect, you can put them in the fridge:a real boost in the morning!

Throughout the day or after long exposure, you can also refresh your skin with fresh water or with a thermal water spray. Thermal water is excellent for hydrating the skin, without drying it out with limescale residue.

In the evening, don't forget to remove your make-up! You know, this is the secret to having beautiful skin . Indeed, the epidermis needs to breathe and oxygenate itself during the night. For this, it must be rid of impurities, traces of makeup, sand, and pollution. So get a cleaning oil to clean up!

Morning and evening hydration

Skin care in summer should provide good hydration. The hydrolipidic film needs to be deeply nourished , to be more resistant to UVA and UVB. Well hydrated skin is less affected by sunburn and premature skin aging.

Always be sure to choose your moisturizer according to your skin type:

  • with dry skin, bet on nourishing hydration
  • combination to oily skin needs deep hydration

Also remember to put your day cream in a cool place to soothe and refresh your skin after repeated exposures:fresh and toned skin guaranteed!.

Sun protection to protect your skin

To limit the appearance of signs of aging , protection from the sun is essential. A sunscreen with an index of 30 to 50 is perfect for the first exposures. The ideal is to always have it at hand, in order to apply it at least every two hours, both on the face and on the body.

If you're worried about not getting a tan with sunscreen, don't panic! On the contrary, sun care allows you to have a longer lasting and more homogeneous tan, when used correctly.

Don't forget to protect the eye and lip area with a suitable sun balm:wrinkles and fine lines appear much more quickly on these fragile areas, as soon as they are not sufficiently protected.

Light makeup for summer

To avoid panda eyes and foundation leaving unsightly streaks, don't be too heavy handed on makeup.

With the heat, your skin does not need to be suffocated by a foundation that is too thick , which doesn't show off your pretty tan. Choose a tinted face cream instead:it gives you a healthy glow while protecting you from UV rays!

To even more enhance the complexion , you just need to apply a little blush on your cheekbones.

Your complexion is now luminous, and all you have to do is bring a note of pep to the eyes and lips. In summer, forget matte lipsticks and smoky eyes:let yourself be tempted by nude and sparkling makeup .

To emphasize your look , apply a cream eye shadow that has a better hold, or a tinted base to better fix the colors. From nude to gold , you are spoiled for choice to find a natural and luminous shade. Always choose a waterproof product for mascara, even if you don't plan to swim:it will be more resistant to heat.

Finally, do not forget to nourish your lips with a balm before applying your lipstick. If you like the glossy effect, do not hesitate to use only a lightly tinted gloss. Otherwise, the coral and apricot tones enhance the tan.
You are finally ready to enjoy the sun and the beach:have beautiful skin and make-up that lasts in summer, it's possible!

Our advice for naturally beautiful skin in summer

To have beautiful skin and a luminous tan, you must above all expose yourself reasonably and adopt the right gestures:

  • Avoid exposure between 12 p.m. and 4 p.m. to avoid burning your skin
  • Prefer areas of regular shade to have an even tan
  • Always apply sunscreen, even on cloudy days
  • Don't forget your sunglasses and hat
  • Drink regularly

Have you thought about doing a beta-carotene cure to have a beautiful skin naturally? Nothing could be simpler:bet on a colorful diet made with apricots, carrots, sweet potatoes and spinach.

For more efficiency, opt for food supplements based on Urucum. In the form of capsules or tablets, this plant boosts your skin before summer!

Finally, treat yourself to our express recipe :a special “healthy glow” smoothie . You need carrot juice, an orange, a few strawberries, a little ginger and lemon, then ice cubes for freshness. Mix everything and enjoy it without delay, with your feet in the water.