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How do I take care of my skin in summer?

The effects of the season on my skin

Our environment greatly influences our condition. Our hair , our skin , everything around us sometimes has a positive effect sometimes negative . The seasonal conditions are a good example of this fact. This is why we always have to readapt our beauty routine. The summer season greatly affects the skin tissue. More precisely, the high heat environment stimulates thermoregulation . Between more open pores and sweating , we see a oilier skin than usual. We have to adapt our care routine to these new needs. With the right treatments, we will keep flawless skin for the rest of the summer.

An adapted skincare routine

Taking care of your skin during the summer requires the adopting of rituals and products adapted to our needs. In addition to the essential sunscreen to protect us from the aggression of UV rays, some basic care is essential.

#1 hydration

Regardless of the current season, hydration is an essential daily. Save the hydrolipidic film of the skin is essential to avoid dryness and irritation . In view of our oilier skin due to seasonal conditions , we need to find a lighter care . And this, in order to avoid clogging the pores , a situation that leads to the appearance of imperfections . For this purpose, we recommend organic aloe vera gel from the brand Aloesol. This organic treatment offers all the virtues of aloe vera . This dermo-cosmetic active ingredient is renowned for its hydrating and soothing effect. Composed mostly of water, this gel is an ideal lightweight moisturizer for care in the summer. Before or after sunbathing, we can use it at any time.

#2 Eye contour

Our eyes also need to be pampered during summer . To limit the appearance of the signs of time, which are sometimes unsightly, we can offer specific treatments to this sensitive area . Kadalys' thirst-quenching eye contour mask is the treatment to illuminate your eyes . This product is enriched with musactif green banana , in red algae and vegetable glycerin. This composition gives it a moisturizing power and antioxidant powerful. As a mask for the whole night or for ten minutes in the morning, it can be used in different ways. This treatment is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

#3 The scrub

The pores are busy during summer . More open than usual, the impurities are more likely to stick. In addition to this, the dead skin especially during overexposures . A good weekly exfoliation essential to maintain healthy skin . To carry out this ritual, we recommend the hammam soap with organic lavandin from Olive &Moi. This treatment is composed exclusively of organic extra virgin olive oil. A touch of essential oil of lavandin grosso bio brings a Provençal accent to this oriental product. Soothing and antioxidant, it deeply nourishes the skin leaving a sweet scent . Free of exfoliating particles , it is to be combined with a natural loofah glove. With its soft texture , it purifies the skin without irritating it. This ritual restores radiance to the skin by giving us a good moment of relaxation.

#4 Sun care

After a delicious sunbath, our skin needs soothing care. Kimber Cosmetics Solid After Sun Body Balm is perfect for this. Olive oil , coconut oil and shea butter come together in this solid treatment . This composition gives it effects:calming , soothing and nourishing , enough to take care of our skin after long exposure . To benefit from these virtues, simply moisten this superfatted bread and collect the foam formed. Both the body and the face can benefit from this product. As soon as the rinse is finished, our skin is softer and appeased . Its solid format makes it practical to carry in our travel kit.

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