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Top 3 mascara for intense eyes


We all dream of having eyes to die for. A bewitching gaze , “revolver” eyes, the kind to melt hearts of ice. To do this, we have a few techniques available to intensify our gaze in no time at all. Little tricks that make a big difference:a line of eyeliner, a brush stroke… Of all these little tips, the mascara is the best way to stretch the look by offering doe eyes. Volumizer, beautifier, mascara allows a more natural effect than false eyelashes. For this, belleaunaturel presents its top 3 natural, organic and made in France mascara!

#1 Miss W PRO's intense black mascara

The Miss W PRO brand is an expert in the design of professional quality organic makeup. She provides us with her organic intense black mascara for spectacular eyelashes. Enriched with organic argan oil and organic shea butter, this product nourishes and protects the eyelashes. Its silicone brush and its formulation make it possible to wrap the eyelashes without leaving clumps. This mascara provides an ultra natural effect and long lasting. One application is enough to lengthen eyelashes prodigiously. A few zigzags with the brush separate the lashes for an immediate volumizing effect. This mascara is available on our eshop for €18.90.

#2 The intense black waterproof mascara by Elissance

The Elissance Paris brand reveals beauty with natural active ingredients and precious oils. In its approach to offer products revealing the beauty of all women, Elissance has developed its mascara. For a perfect look even during bad weather, we have the intense black waterproof and long-lasting natural mascara. This treatment contains natural charcoal for deep and natural pigmentation . This mascara is also composed of shorea resin, hydrophobic, water resistant and nourishing and hydrating camellia oil. Its brush gives a magnificent volume to our eyelashes and to make them uniform. It is available on our eshop at €15.90.

#3 Sublime look organic mascara by Lady Green

Make your look captivating with this sublime mascara from Lady Green. Named divine masquerade, this organic black mascara embellishes the look in a brushstroke. It lengthens and gives volume to the eyelashes. Its gentle formulation contains:marula oil, orchid extract, vegetable waxes and sunflower oil. This composition gives it many properties. In addition to taking care of our eyelashes, nourishing them, hydrating them and protecting them, this mascara gives us the coveted doe eyes. In one movement, the eyelashes are curled, shiny and gain volume. This mascara is as beautiful as organic in addition to being cruelty free and made in France! You can benefit from it directly on our eshop at 15.95€.