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Top 5 essential care for this summer!

#1 Organic aloe vera

Nothing is more hydrating that this gel composed mainly of water . organic aloe vera is renowned for hydrating and appease naturally . Multi-function , it takes care of our skin as well than our hair . This gel is a light and refreshing care after a good sunbath. To benefit from it, we recommend the organic aloe vera gel from ALOESOL. Made from the fresh leaves of an eco-responsible culture in Spain, it is packaged in France and certified organic . The new French brand Aloesol offers it at 11€.

#2 Hair protection oil

Our hair needs protective care to spend the summer quietly. Fortunately, Elénature's Organic Hair Protector Nutri Serum is available to take care of our hair mass . Enriched with avocado oil and organic macadamia , it protects our hair from dryness and saves our damaged ends. Restructuring, enhancing and protective, this organic serum is perfect for keeping your hair looking great all summer long. We owe this organic hair elixir and cruelty free to the French brand Elénature at the price of 36€.

#3 Monoi Oil

The gentle rays of the sun invite intoxicating scents and exotic monoï oil . This Polynesian cosmetic treasure is inseparable from summer holidays on a fine sandy beach. To rediscover the virtues of this exceptional oil and its bewitching fragrance , we offer organic monoi oil from Tahiti by Clairjoie. This escape treatment moisturizes and regenerates the skin leaving an exquisite fragrance . That of the Clairjoie brand is enriched with organic rapeseed oil to increase its nourishing and regenerating power . In a few drops, the skin is softened, soothed and delicately scented. We can benefit from this organic elixir signed Clairjoie at 25€.

#4 Foot care

Just like the sun, our feet are also out. To make them shine in our beautiful open shoes, we can give them a nourishing and restorative treatment . FEET GOOD Bio foot cream from oolution is there to take care of our little feet . The shea butter and organic cocoa join forces in this treatment with more than 60 active ingredients different. Something to nourish, moisturize and repair our feet that are too stressed on a daily basis. During the application, we can proceed with a massage to make the product and its active ingredients penetrate well. This treatment is offered to us by Oolution for 18€.

#5 Hand care

Around the hands that we use every day and which deserve care worthy of their good and loyal service . To take care of it, we recommend L &YOU organic aloe vera hand cream. Organic aloe vera, jojoba oil and organic sweet almond make up this product to give our hands a well-deserved moment of care . Moisturizing, nourishing, soothing, repairing and protective, this organic product from the L&You by Biophytum range has something to pamper us. The skin is immediately softened and delicately scented. It is available for €9.90.

For sunny happiness

We can benefit from all this care by composing a custom box with the desired care . Or take advantage of a box with carefully selected products such as the sunny happiness box. It contains more than half of the essential skincare products from our top 5. As a bonus, we have the Hollywood pink natural nail polish from the Pure by Valérie brand. How to be flirtatious with a perfect manicure during the holidays!