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10 ideal moisturizers for summer

The days are getting warmer and longer for our greatest pleasure. Summer is back and its fabulous weather conditions invite you to relax under the coconut trees. Everyone has their own way of celebrating the return of the sun :plan the holidays as soon as possible, establish a summer beauty routine or let yourself be carried away by the wind and the heat. The essential:hydration ! Whether by consuming a sufficient amount of water or by adapting your summer beauty routine. To help you, we have selected 10 essential moisturizers for summer.

Organic moisturizing cream

Organic hydrasens day cream is the ideal face care for summer. This treatment is super-activated to offer the skin all the best of its components. Organic coconut oil and organic shea butter combine to soothe, nourish and hydrate the skin. This cream is light , a feature that allows it to easily penetrate the skin tissue without clogging the pores and without leaving a greasy film . A single hazelnut is enough each morning to moisturize the face and neck. The organic hydrasens day cream is made by the atelier des délices brand, an innovative range, rich in active ingredients and from organic farming. It is available at €39.90.

Organic moisturizing milk

For supple and soft skin all over the body, we recommend Guérande organic moisturizing body milk. Enriched with mother liquors and pink glasswort, this cosmetic milk hydrates and remineralizes the skin daily. In addition to being antioxidant , it protects the skin from dehydration and external aggressions. After the shower, just apply it on the body with a light massage to benefit from its virtues. It is manufactured by the Guérande brand, natural cosmetics from the salt marshes, and available at €16.50.

Organic rebalancing cream

In these times of seasonal transition, we can take advantage of the virtues of the organic rebalancing cream Fondant Royal. Treasures from the hive, organic jojoba oil and organic aloe vera make up this treatment to offer exceptional care . This cream is as rebalancing as it is moisturizing. Its light texture makes it easy to apply day and night without fear of leaving a greasy film . It can suit all skin types , but its rebalancing action makes it a favorite treatment for combination skin. The Folies Royales brand, organic cosmetics based on beehive treasures, is the author of this marvelous treatment, available at €39.90.

Organic aloe vera gel

The aloe vera gel is to hydration what sandals are to summer :indissociable ! Aloe vera is the benchmark moisturizer in natural cosmetics. To benefit from the moisturizing and soothing virtues of this natural product, organic aloe vera gels from the Aloe Sol brand are ready to use. With a soft texture, this gel soothes and hydrates the skin in record time. The organic aloe vera gel from Aloe Sol is available at 11€.

Organic light body cream

The body also needs a light moisturizer to spend the summer . For this purpose, we recommend Esthética Pure Nature light moisturizing body cream. Enriched with organic sacha inchi and organic coconut oil as well as aloe vera, this treatment nourishes and hydrates the skin in depth. This cream can be applied daily all over the body for intense hydration. In addition to its delicate fragrance, this cream is light and easy to apply . We owe this marvel to Esthética Pure Nature, the French brand of pure, healthy and natural cosmetics. This cream is available at €18.90.

Organic moisturizing mask

Summer is conducive to periodic care such as exfoliation and mask, but in moderation. To give the skin a hydrating boost , we recommend the pretentious moisturizing mask Sunday care. Organic argan oil, organic cocoa butter and immortelle floral water combine to offer exceptional care. Its rich active ingredients give it moisturizing, nourishing, soothing and antioxidant power. It is applied in a thick layer on clean, dry skin for better penetration. A few minutes of rest are enough to hydrate and nourish the skin in depth. Then we can proceed with rinsing and letting a little product penetrate the skin. The Olala brand! French Cosmetics presents this exceptional treatment at the price of €38.70.

Organic eye contour care

We need specific care to preserve this sensitive area what is the eye contour . For this purpose, we recommend the pretentious organic eye contour roll on. Organic immortelle floral water and organic aloe vera juice combine to offer us an illuminating and moisturizing treatment . A single pass over the affected areas nourishes and hydrates the eye area . Antioxidant, this treatment rich in hyaluronic acid smoothes and repairs the skin tissue for a guaranteed anti-aging effect. The Olala brand! French Cosmetics presents this exceptional treatment at the price of €27.80.

Organic foot care

Summer invites you to take care of your feet to shine in open shoes . For this purpose, we recommend the Feet Good comforting treatment. This care is composed of more than 60 active ingredients to give our feet a treatment worthy of their labor. organic shea butter and organic coconut oil provide unparalleled moisturizing and nourishing power. A hazelnut, in the evening, on clean feet with a light massage , allows the feet to benefit from all its virtues. Moisturizing, soothing and protective, this product takes care of our feet as summer approaches. We owe it to the brand Oolution Balance my skin at 18€.

Organic hand care

Our hands also need to be pampered during summer . To give them special care , we recommend the hand cream with organic aloe vera. This product is a real ally for dry and dehydrated hands . Organic aloe vera, organic jojoba and sweet almond oil make up this cream for an immediate nourishing, moisturizing and repairing effect . It can be applied at any time as needed, and works faster with a light massage. We can insist on the dried parts to guarantee a faster effect. This treatment comes from the L&You range for €9.90.

Natural hair care

Summer heat and our hair form a household as incomprehensible as our hair mass in winter. Special care must be taken foroptimal maintenance .The epurevia cocooning mask is there to meet our hair needs . Rich in shea butter, this mask moisturizes and nourishes the hair fiber in depth. Its composition also includes peppermint essential oil, fortifying and purifying. This mask is suitable for all hair types and allows gentle detangling. This product, as well as this range focused on cocooning, is the fruit of the Biophytum brand. Skincare brand that offers quality products tending towards 100% recyclable. This mask is available at a price of €16.30.