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June to prepare for summer

The temperature is rising more and more and the sun is giving us its most beautiful rays. Light clothes and open shoes are back in service. The summer is coming soon and it is time to welcome it with a smile.

Getting ready for vacation

Soon we will have the long days typical of summer . A season that calls for escape, holidays by the sea, rest on a fine sandy beach. This time of year requires some preparation. Especially considering that it involves drastic environmental changes . Much higher temperatures than usual, higher risk of sunburn. Good organization is essential to make the most of this wonderful season . Whether through good hydration for health or a beautiful care routine for beauty!

Stay well hydrated

Hydration is a everyday imperative and for the whole year. Now that the days are getting warmer, we need even more water for both health and well-being. Heat invites the formation of a phenomenon that we know only too well:perspiration. This manifestation of the body allows thermoregulation to preserve our body condition . It is therefore a natural reflex and a sign of good health. No need to fight against it, however, we can limit the possible discomfort.

This time of year when sweating is most common requires optimal hydration to be in place. . Both to help the body during thermoregulation and to supply our water supply . The amount of water depends in particular on our condition and our real needs. Before the final arrival of the sometimes stifling heat, we can start adjusting our hydration now.

Summer beauty routine

The imminent seasonal transition requires the establishment of an adapted beauty routine . For this purpose, BelleauNaturel has expressly concocted a Divine temptation. On the program:essential organic treatments to welcome summer in style!

To start these beautiful days with a smile in the morning, we can add a nice surprise for the bathroom. The forgotten orange grove organic surgras soap from the Atelier Populaire is perfect for inviting summer in the shower. This soap has an exquisite scent combining neroli, citrus fruits and rosemary. Organic sunflower and organic copra oil make up this wonderful product cold saponified . This allows a strong moisturizing power to face the day.

As summer approaches, exfoliating and purifying treatments should be gradually added to our beauty routines to prepare for a tan. We have already adopted this gesture in the spring to get the skin used to new seasonal conditions . Now that our skin is used to the return of the sun, the scrubs will serve more to prepare the tanned complexion. The organic complexion illuminating peeling mask from La Fare en Provence 1789 is our ally to purify and refine the skin texture. As a mask or scrub, this treatment is enriched with kaolin clay, carrot and macadamia oil and organic shea butter to purify and nourish the skin.

Hydration doesn't just come from the water we drink, our skin also needs a specific moisturizer. With this weather when sweating is more frequent, our pores need to be cleared the most. Moisturizers yes, but light! For this purpose, we recommend the organic Hydrasens day cream from the workshop of delights. This super-activated treatment contains organic coconut oil and organic shea butter. Thanks to these active ingredients, this cream is not only nourishing but also soothing and softening. Its lightness allows it to penetrate the skin easily without leaving a greasy film .

Light makeup

Small gift to be more bright the days to come:light make-up ! Thanks to Miss W's organic raspberry shiny gloss, adopt a fresh and sunny look for the summer. Its soft texture, its shiny effect and its beautiful pink color illuminate the complexion in a single application. The organic castor oil, organic apricot wax and red tea extract it contains make it a real lip care . Moisturizing, nourishing and protective, this gloss takes care of your smile while illuminating it.