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Summer special:prepare your beauty bag for the holidays

Finally, the moment you've been waiting for has arrived:it's the holidays! You have said goodbye to your colleagues and you start preparing for the trip. The crucial question then arises:what products should I take in my holiday bag? Sunscreen, moisturizing oil, make-up... Veld's presents its list of beauty products to take on vacation.

A cleansing and exfoliating treatment to clear the way

If we appreciate the blue sky and the rays of the sun that summer offers us, we appreciate less the dripping makeup and perspiration under 35 degrees. After a nice day of idleness or sightseeing, a good cleansing of the skin is essential , in order to remove excess sebum produced by the skin to protect itself from UV and heat, but also perspiration, and all the toxins that have deposited on the face.

When packing your beauty bag for the holidays, it is therefore essential to bring a good facial cleanser (adapted to your skin type of course), and an exfoliant , to clear the way. Indeed, clean and exfoliated skin is more likely to tan quickly and evenly! In addition, cleansing and exfoliation are essential to prevent irritation and blemishes due to the imbalance of the skin, when it is not cleaned regularly.

A moisturizer to protect my skin

To take care of your skin in summer, the essential in your beauty bag for the holidays is obviously the moisturizer! Between heat, UV, sand, chlorine, salt, the skin sees all the colors during the summer. To prevent irritation and premature skin aging , good daily hydration is necessary. So, morning and evening, apply a moisturizer in small circular massages to the entire face and décolleté.

Applied in the morning, it will help the skin to resist the aggressions of the day , by strengthening the hydrolipidic film. In the evening, it will allow the skin to regenerate, soothing it deeply. As you have understood, hydration is the key to healthy, supple, smooth skin and a nice tanned complexion!

Sun care to fight against UVA rays

What would a beauty suitcase be for the holidays without sunscreen? Whether you go to the sea, to the mountains, or take advantage of your garden to sunbathe, it is essential to protect your skin . The sun's ultraviolet rays can cause lucite in sensitive skin, and inflict severe sunburn when you don't protect yourself. In addition, UVA is the first cause of skin aging, sunscreen is your best ally to preserve the beauty and youthfulness of your skin!

The first days of exposure, favor a sunscreen with an index of 30 to 50, depending on the sensitivity of your skin to the sun. After the first week of exposure, you can opt for slightly lighter treatments, in order to tan more. That being said, while the SPF may drop slightly, a hat and sunglasses are still essential for every exposure!

Good practices for moisturizing your skin:avoid the hottest hours to expose yourself and hydrate yourself well, to protect yourself from dehydration.

An eye contour and lip contour to prevent wrinkles

The skin around the eyes is 10 times thinner than the rest of the skin on the face, as is the area around the lips, which is particularly sensitive. Exposed to the sun and extreme temperatures, these areas are the first to suffer from the effects of the sun :dryness, irritation, appearance of expression lines, and the wrinkles already present deepen further. It is particularly important to take care of the eye area and treat it gently.

To protect your skin from UVA rays, display a luscious mouth and a dynamic look, the eye and lip contour must absolutely be on your list of beauty products to take on vacation.

Morning and evening, after cleansing your skin and using your moisturizer, gently apply your eye and lip contour. In addition to protecting the most fragile areas of your skin , the eye and lip contour will display a good-looking effect and obtain better makeup hold.

My special summer make-up bag

If the beauty routine evolves with the seasons, makeup does the same. For the summer, we want to give pride of place to the pretty tanned complexion, with a minimum of material and light. To ensure that your make-up lasts well and obtain a natural effect, opt for the tinted moisturizer:it discreetly evens out the complexion and hydrates the skin at the same time! Our Flash Protect tinted cream also provides the skin with UV protection, to be well made up and well protected.

Once your complexion is unified, it's time to illuminate it! To get a touch of highlight on the cheekbones, under the brow bone and on the cupid's bow is perfect. Then bet on a nude eyeshadow palette for a natural healthy glow effect:unify the eyelid with a neutral shade, before adding a more pearly shade to give light, especially to the inner corner of the eye. Hop a shot of mascara and a nude or slightly pink lipstick, and you're on top!

For those who are patiently waiting for their vacation, remember to take the lead:preparing your skin well for the sun is THE key to enjoying summer serenely and displaying a magnificent tan until winter!