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The benefits of alum stone for your skin

Alum stone:the friend of oily skin

Alum stone has an astringent action on the skin, that is to say, it tightens the pores. It is an excellent mattifier for oily skin. For this, we rather choose powder conditioning, and we apply it with a brush after our day cream or foundation so that it adheres well. It can also be used as a finishing powder to set makeup. Mattness guaranteed for the day! Another amazing property:applied evenly all over the face, it has a firming action on the skin. For this, get into the habit of passing the damp stone on clean skin, morning and evening. In a few days, the skin is more toned, as if tightened. Applied locally on redness and pimples, it has an antibacterial and drying action. For this, the stone must also be damp:pass it under clear water, and rub the area concerned without pressing. The plus:the alum stone is odorless and leaves no traces!

The friend of sensitive skin

Natural, alum stone is generally very well tolerated by sensitive skin. Looking for a natural antiperspirant, you will be won over by its 24-hour effectiveness, odorless and which leaves no traces on your clothes, even silk. Avoid keeping your stone near the bath, otherwise it will disintegrate. Do not use directly after shaving, otherwise you may feel some tingling or the minerals pass into the blood. In rare cases, alum stone can cause redness in the armpits. Another surprising use:the alum stone can completely replace the softener for washing delicate skin. Hypoallergenic, it limits allergic reactions. It will then be purchased in powder form in organic or specialized stores. Ammonium alum is natural, biodegradable, and dissolves very well in water, without the risk of stains on your clothes.

Other properties of alum stone for your skin

The list does not stop there since we recognize other uses for this mineral stone:

– a healing, antibacterial and anticoagulant action:pass the moistened stone over a cut previously disinfected with an antiseptic or, if you don't have one at hand, simply pass the alum stone over the wound with a light massage;

– an antiperspirant action on the feet:same instructions as for the armpits; let dry well before wearing socks and/or shoes;

– an action on ingrown hairs:pass the stone over the disinfected depilated or shaved area before applying a post-depilation treatment.