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The benefits of kiwi

Do you love kiwis? This vitamin-packed winter fruit is an unparalleled beauty and health ally. In addition to its unsuspected virtues for our health, it is also good for our skin!

Kiwi:rich in vitamin C

Under a brown, fluffy skin, hides a concentrate of vitamin C even higher than that of orange. It is very useful for the dermis, the quality of which influences the complexion.

Kiwi:a natural anti-wrinkle

Vitamin C plays an essential role in the synthesis of collagen. The kiwi has anti-oxidant properties thanks to the vitamin A and E it contains and constitutes a natural anti-wrinkle to fight against the aging of your skin.

Kiwi:a perfect exfoliant

Protect your skin from external aggressions by restoring radiance to your tired and damaged skin thanks to this excellent soft and invigorating exfoliant, find in the Organic box for the month of August the Organic Kiwi and Grape Seed Exfoliant from secret de Lea.

Kiwi:the ally of dry skin

Are you prone to dry, dull or sensitive skin? The kiwi will be an unstoppable ally for all skins lacking radiance.

Its soothing and calming properties will bring hydration, tone and elasticity to your skin!

The kiwi:eat it!

In addition to using it as a beauty ally, consume it without moderation!

Rich in vitamin C, it will stimulate your immune defenses

It will also be your slimming ally thanks to its low caloric density and its high satiating power. Finally, it will be an ally for athletes since the potassium it contains in the kiwi will regenerate your muscles after an effort or a difficult day.

Lucie &Marion from Organic Cosmetics