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The benefits of royal jelly

Royal jelly is a whitish substance that is one of the products produced by bees. Gelatinous, it tastes sour and sweet at the same time. Note that royal jelly has nothing to do with honey, it is a secretion of the bee from glands called hypopharyngeal glands which serves as food for the larvae and for the queen of the hive. Rich in trace elements, mineral substances, essential acids, B vitamins and fatty acids, this liquid is also very beneficial for our health. Here is more information about it.

How to use royal jelly?

There are two ways to use royal jelly. The first is for internal use. The substance must then be ingested by the person. It acts as a real general stimulant of the body. It boosts the immune defenses and brings energy. Thus, you will often find royal jelly in a cure to fight quality fatigue. Rich in trace elements, it also helps to fill deficiencies and regulate metabolism problems.

The second use of royal jelly is application to the skin; you will find it in certain high-end organic cosmetics such as the Folies Royales eye contour care which is concentrated at 12% royal jelly, a real feat for this highly effective treatment!

Royal jelly cure

Like any product used for health and well-being, royal jelly must be well dosed to have the desired results. The ideal is therefore to use packaged and standardized preparations. In general, this substance is presented in the form of ampoules or canned extracts in commerce. Its effectiveness is ensured by making cures.

It is important to consult with a professional to determine the exact dosage according to the problem to be treated. For internal use, you should take an average of 10 ml per day. The cure should last between two and three weeks, up to three times a year.

For external use, the dosage of royal jelly depends on the amount of other ingredients.

Royal jelly and other superfoods

Royal jelly can be used with other ingredients to optimize results. It can for example be associated with ginseng. This mixture of root and substance from the hive improves the metabolism of lipoproteins, molecules that allow lipids that are not very soluble in water to circulate easily in the veins. In this way, the level of bad cholesterol can be reduced. Thus, the patient will be able to avoid heart problems and various venous products.

The mixture of royal jelly and ginseng also helps reduce menstrual symptoms in women. This solution is therefore effective against pain related to menstruation, the various disorders that the cycle and menopause generate. To optimize its effectiveness, it is possible to add evening primrose oil to the royal jelly and ginseng mixture.

Other combinations are also possible for optimal action. For example, royal jelly and cod liver oil are perfect for growth in children. In case of persistent fatigue, the patient can take royal jelly with goji berry extract or organic acerola berry preferably. To combat chronic fatigue, this substance from the beehive can be used with guarana. To recover quickly during convalescence, royal jelly can be cut with pollen, spirulina, maca or goji.

Royal jelly in cosmetics

Royal jelly has an effective anti-aging virtue. It can delay the appearance of signs of aging including fine lines and wrinkles. It is also a perfect treatment for skin problems including dry skin, acne and eczema.

It is possible to use royal jelly alone as a cream. It is also possible to mix it with other ingredients. This only increases its effectiveness. However, it is best to use only natural ingredients. The latter are chosen according to the actions sought and the expected results. For an anti-aging effect, royal jelly can be combined with fruits such as pineapple which eliminates dead cells easily and which is an effective anti-blemish solution or banana which reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

Being composed largely of water, royal jelly is also a perfect moisturizing solution. It can be mixed with jojoba oil or vegetable coconut oil to moisturize the epidermis. This type of treatment is recommended for those who have dry or itchy skin. The use of royal jelly also helps regulate sebum production. It can therefore be used as an ingredient in treatments used for oily hair or oily skin.

Royal jelly for athletes

Being a real source of micronutrients and macronutrients, royal jelly can help athletes improve their performance. It is also an effective solution to reduce fatigue and optimize recovery.

The vitamins present in royal jelly bring vitality and energy to athletes. They also ensure a mental and psychic balance which allows them to face all the tests during the various competitions. They also revitalize the body.

Athletes can take royal jelly before events to have the necessary strength and energy or after events to recover and recover quickly.

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