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The benefits of royal jelly in cosmetics

Apitherapy has been used since antiquity in the field of cosmetics. Besides honey, other products given by bees are used; propolis, beeswax or royal jelly. They bring real active ingredients to the skin and help treat various problems. Royal jelly in particular is one of the most popular ingredients in the field of cosmetics, here are the reasons.

What is royal jelly?

Royal jelly is also called "bee's milk". It is a substance produced by the nurse bees. The latter produce it in their youth, between the 5th and 14th day of their life. It is their pharyngeal glands that give royal jelly and as its name suggests, it is exclusively intended to feed the queen. Highly concentrated in vital elements, the substance represents a truly exceptional diet. This is why the queen bee has a lifespan 40 times longer than the workers.

Royal jelly is certainly the most elaborate substance in the hive since it is devoid of nectar and pollen. It is a completely natural product, of gelatinous substance, which has a slightly acidic taste and very little sweetness. It has a color that wavers between yellowish white and pearly white.

The components of royal jelly

Royal jelly is an undeniable concentrate of nutrients. It has a composition particularly rich in water (up to 66%). Its 13% are made up of proteins or more precisely amino acids including glutamic acid, aspartic acid, glycine, tyrosine, serine, taurine, proline, arginine and histidine. It also contains essential amino acids namely threonine, phenylalanine, methionine, soleucine, lysine, valine, tryptophan and leucine. These 8 essential amino acids are available in ideal proportions in royal jelly. It is also composed of 14.5% carbohydrates. Leftovers consist of vitamins A, B1, B2, D and C.

Royal jelly in cosmetics

If royal jelly is very popular in the field of cosmetics and more particularly in the world of organic cosmetics, it is because it has several virtues for the skin. It has anti-aging properties and has antioxidants that reduce the appearance of signs of aging, including fine lines and wrinkles. It helps to fight against skin aging.

It is also a substance rich in vitamins A, D and C and amino acids. These elements contribute to the proper development of cells. They ensure their renewal and allow the skin to regenerate effectively.

To keep the skin supple and vital, it is also possible to use the amino acids that royal jelly contains. As for its proteins, they stimulate the production of collagen. The latter ensures the elimination of traces of fatigue. They reboost the epidermis and restore its radiance.

Royal jelly therefore keeps the skin young, elastic, smooth, soft and radiant. Thanks to its active ingredients, the epidermis is revitalised, nourished and hydrated. It is also an energizing product.

How to use royal jelly in cosmetics?

Royal jelly is used in masks, moisturizing creams, eye contour... The Belle au Naturel box presents this month the Folies Royales organic eye contour care concentrated at more than 12% in royal jelly!

If you want to make your anti-aging and regenerating face mask, with royal jelly; proceed as follows:mix:

3 teaspoons organic argan oil

2 tablespoons organic thyme honey

1 gram fresh royal jelly

1 drop of Damascus rose essential oil.

The mixture should be applied all over the face without putting any on the eye area. Leave on for 15 minutes, then rinse and cleanse your face.

What else you should know about royal jelly

Royal jelly is also used in the medical field, in the form of food supplements, it helps the body to regain its vitality and its immune defences.

This elixir maintains memory, balances emotions and helps fight fatigue. It is also a perfect solution to solve the problems of deficiencies, to regulate the concerns of metabolism and to revitalize the physiological functions. To stimulate the body, it is possible to use packaged and standardized preparations in the form of ampoules or capsules. For an adult, 10 ml per day is enough. It is also possible to take fresh royal jelly, that is to say in raw version. However, it must be mixed with other products such as honey to lighten its taste and make it easier to take.

Finally, royal jelly can also be used for hair and nail care. Nourishing and moisturizing, it limits hair loss and strengthens nails.

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