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Discover the benefits of organic royal jelly

You have already heard about the benefits of royal jelly, through a conversation, an advertisement or a program on beauty and well-being advice. Perhaps you have even tried it, whether as a cure or as a cosmetic treatment. After all, such a natural product, especially of organic origin, can only benefit you. Yet you remain skeptical about the virtues and credits granted to this element.

So, to avoid being left in the dark, we will enlighten you about it. We will tell you everything you need to know about this famous substance. Its origin, its contributions and its use, it will have no more secrets for you. Let's discover the treasure of the hive that is royal jelly!

The treasures of the hive

Yes, honey bees don't just produce honey in their hive. Even if honey is the main expected result, many other substances are born from the work of these Apis mellifera.

After foraging and pollinating entire fields of flowers, these faithful workers are finally returning home. And there, with all the nectar they brought back from the meadows, the laborious work of transformation begins.

Several substances will see the light of day within this small factory. The best known being:honey, wax, propolis and finally royal jelly. These 4 natural products constitute what is commonly called:the treasures of the hive.

These different and distinct materials will be used to maintain the hive. Supply, clogging, protection, each has its role to play in this mechanism.

The benefits of organic royal jelly

Produced by nurse bees, it is intended to feed the queen of the hive. Milky in appearance, this honey ambrosia undoubtedly contributes to its impressive longevity .

Its composition is highly concentrated in nutrients. On average, it is composed of 2/3 water, with a high content of amino acids and carbohydrates, as well as the presence of many B vitamins.

With such constituents, organic royal jelly has many faculties:immunostimulant, nutritious, anti-infectious... But its fame, it owes it to its regenerating and restorative properties.

So many virtues, which have earned it a fine reputation in many fields:therapeutics, cosmetics, etc.

How to use organic royal jelly in cosmetics?

Its hydrating, nourishing and restorative properties are highlighted for the skin. And many eco-responsible brands already incorporate it into their skincare formula or make it the star ingredient such as Funny Bee Paris, Folies Royales or even Abellie.

As a day or night cream, body milk or eye contour, this noble raw material is in great demand for mature skin.

If you want to test this miracle product, you will find in the "Instant Cocooning" box, the Organic Revitalizing Serum from Folies Royales or in the Belle au Naturel e-shop.