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Our opinion on the Madara brand

Today we invite you to reveal our opinion on Mádara, one of your favorite brands! Rich in its various ranges of organic beauty products , the Latvian brand has no trouble convincing natural beauty addicts. Pleasant textures, divine smells, clean compositions enriched with effective active ingredients, organic make-up , products for the hair, body and face... You can find everything and at prices that correspond to all budgets!

So, internally, what is our review of Mádara ?

History and value of the Madara Cosmetics brand

Founded in 2006 by four Latvian friends, Mádara is a multi-faceted brand since when setting up the project, each of the founders brought her own vision of beauty. Thus, the brand offers a global vision of cosmetics by highlighting physical, emotional and bodily well-being! One of his mantras sums up his state of mind rather well:“because a radiant heart leads to radiant skin”.

In addition to promoting a strong image of in &out well-being, Mádara wants to be environmentally friendly and does its best to limit its impact on nature. Production, packaging (in recycled and recyclable materials ), the packaging and delivery of the products are done while minimizing waste and the brand's carbon footprint on the planet! To go further, Mádara also promotes local sourcing . Many of its raw materials come from local producers in Latvia, one of the three Baltic countries.

Respectful of nature, but also of the skin, the formulas are inspired by the wide open spaces of Northern Europe:the lakes of Nordic forests, the cool seas, the large green spaces and the sandy coasts. The ingredients are as natural and organic as possible, which is why several products are certified by organic Ecocert !

Very attentive to the opinion (and desires) of its customers, Madara also offers vegan, nut free and gluten free treatments. All these efforts have earned it the place No. 1 of the most green and sustainable brands of Latvia in 2016!

Our opinion on the Madara brand

Madara Cosmetics:the products

Our opinion on Mádara, we owe it to its values ​​and its wide range of care (organic make-up, organic face cream, body and baby products) but also to the fact that it is a brand multigenerational . Yes, in addition to offering some unisex treatments, the brand makes sure to showcase all generations on its site!

Makeup:foundation, concealer and lips

Customers' opinions on Mádara make-up are unanimous:it's perfect! To satisfy all skin tones, the brand has developed no less than 10 organic foundation shades and almost as many shades of concealers, highlighters and lipsticks. All this in long-lasting hold , please!

The little +:their 2-in-1 product that makes up both the cheeks and the eyelids!

Our opinion on the Madara brand

Hair range:from shampoo to hair mist

Organic shampoos , micro-keratin mist, conditioners and masks, each hair problem has its answer! The hair care are formulated with vegetable oils and butters, trace elements and plants that restore strength, vitality and shine.

Why the opinions are all positive on the Madara hair range ? Because in addition to being effective, the products smell crazy!

Face range:ACNE, SOS Hydra, City CC...

Madara offers, through different ranges, care for all skin types .

  • Combination to oily skin with a tendency to acne can turn to the range ACNE .
  • Dry and lackluster skin will be enhanced by the SOS Hydra range .
  • Mature skin will be plumped and smoothed by the Time Miracle range or Derma Collagen .

As for city dwellers, they will find what they are looking for with the City CC range , CC creams with an SPF and an anti-pollution filter!

Our opinion on the Madara brand

Body range

The Madara experience can be experienced even in body care with their organic shower gels, their coffee and spirulina-based anti-cellulite toning cream, their nourishing hand cream, their intimate cleansing foam or even their natural deodorant without aluminum or paraben!

Child and baby range

Finding skin-friendly care for toddlers isn't easy! To help parents, the 4 associates have decided to embark on baby/child care by offering shampoo, moisturizer and shower gel! The products are all Ecocert certified and vegan and are formulated with very gentle ingredients like rose water, oats, sunflower oil and chamomile.

Our opinion on Madara Organic

Our opinion on the Madara brand

Innovative and committed, our opinion of the Madara brand can only be positive! Here's what we love about her:

  • its wide range of products that meets the needs of the whole family (man, woman, child)
  • its multitude of hues in its make-up products, all skin tones and desires are satisfied
  • its products for all skin types offered through different ranges
  • its organic hair care range :Nourish &Repair (dry and brittle hair), Gloss &Vibrancy (colored hair), Grow, Boost ...
  • its clean formulas which highlight active ingredients from organic and Latvian sectors
  • its sensory products :smells and textures, everything is there!
  • its strong commitments for the protection of the environment and the respect of animals
  • its transparency.

As you will have understood, it is one of our favorite brands that has quickly made its way into the bathroom of the entire Team NUOO!