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Top 3 - Our selection of organic face scrubs

The scrub ritual

Dull complexion, imperfections, hyperpigmentation… our skin needs a good boost to regain its radiance. The make-up removal ritual or daily cleansing helps keep skin healthy. However, it may need periodic care for thorough cleaning. For this purpose, nothing better than a scrub to purify the skin and give it a second life. This ritual is performed once or twice a week depending on the condition and needs of your skin. Mechanical with grains or chemical with fatty acids, the choice of exfoliant depends on our expectations. There are many and varied on the market. Assets, composition, format, we are spoiled for choice. To help you in this quest for the ideal exfoliant, we have listed the 5 organic scrubs to stay beautiful naturally.

#1 Lady Green Organic Gentle Exfoliator

Ideal for facing the start of the new school year, this treatment with multiple active ingredients gently exfoliates the skin. The Lady Green brand offers us its vision of exfoliation in a fresh product reminiscent of our last vacation. Lady green's gentle organic face exfoliator is ideal for gently purifying your skin and regaining a fresh complexion . Its composition is rich in purifying, descaling and antioxidant active ingredients. It contains among others kiwi, neem, aloe vera, and moringa. These elements give it many properties to take good care of the skin tissue. To accompany this rich composition, we find jojoba pearls and silica balls. Sebum-regulating and exfoliating, they complete this treatment for a complete and effective ritual. Gentle circular movements cleanse the skin deeply. In one application, the skin becomes softer leaving a sweet smell of kiwi. This product is available on our eshop for €13.95.

#2 Karethic Pineapple Exfoliating Foam

Enjoy clear and glowing skin with Karethic's Organic Pineapple Cleansing and Exfoliating Foam. This treatment with organic pineapple enzyme purifies the skin and offers a fresh complexion in one application. Thanks to its composition, it offers its benefits to the skin leaving its sweet exotic scent. While pineapple exfoliates skin tissue, organic shea butter nourishes and repairs the skin. This soap-free treatment is in gel form. This one in contact with water is transformed little by little into a cleansing foam. It is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. The Karethic brand makes this treatment available to us for 18€.

#3 Hemp and Melusine Gingerbread Scrub

Here is the turn of a scrub as magical as it is delicious. The Mélusine brand offers us the gourmet magic scrub with hemp and gingerbread. This treatment with the delicious scent of gingerbread gently exfoliates the skin. This exfoliant contains silica beads that will deeply cleanse the skin. The base, on the other hand, consists of hemp and argan oil as well as vegetable glycerin. Thanks to its composition, the scrub becomes a nourishing, revitalizing and soothing ritual. This gel turns into milk on contact with water, enough to hydrate the skin. A few circular movements purify the skin while providing it with the necessary care. The Mélusine brand makes this treatment available to us for 18€.