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water and skin

Since ancient times, men have used waterless products to moisturize and protect their skin. These beauty products called "ointments" or "balms" were used for therapeutic, aesthetic and medicinal reasons, but also to care for and preserve the body (in a spirit of eternity).

At Minima[list], whether in our Cleansing Oil, our Face Care Oils, our Moisturizing Face Balm, our Deodorant Balm, our Repairing Balm or our Moisturizing Scrub, you will NEVER find water in our products.

Although our skin is made up of 65 to 70% water, the water contained in "traditional" cosmetic products does not have any truly beneficial properties for the skin and cannot be considered an active ingredient.

To be used in cosmetic products, water must be pure, protected from any possible microbiological contamination. Result:purified and sterile, this demineralized water, which makes up the vast majority of the products present in our bathroom (sometimes reaching a concentration of up to 90% in lotions, shower gels or shampoos!), does not provide any real benefits our skin and is often referred to as a "dead" ingredient.

It is therefore common to only include some 10% organic active ingredients in a bio-cosmetic formula, whereas the share of active ingredients in balms and vegetable oils is much higher and can reach 100%.

We believe in this know-how and we have decided to formulate without water thanks to oils, balms, powders or bars.