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3 tips to soothe our skin

Redness, tightness, irritation, our skin is sensitive and lets us know it. She cries out to us for help to relieve her of the evils from which she protects us on a daily basis. Cold, wind, unsuitable products or pollution, all these factors attack our skin continuously. From tightness to rashes, our body has a whole range of alerts. It is up to us to provide it with the appropriate care to relieve it on a daily basis.

How to soothe your skin?

Many factors influence our skin sensitivity . Eliminating them will relieve us, but calming our skin is the surest way to preserve it . To do this, here are some tips that will help soothe it.

#1 Rest

Rest is essential, both for our health and well-being and for our beauty. These 8 hours of sleep required, the cells of our body greatly need it. They take advantage of this rest to regenerate and rebuild .

Remember that lack of sleep has a considerable impact on our sensitivity in general, and by extension on that of our skin.

Rest also applies to the few moments of relaxation that we enjoy during the day. Taking a few moments between two activities to breathe and de-stress is beneficial. An opportunity to get away from obligations and especially from screens.

Indeed, all the pressures we accumulate harm our peace of mind. A situation that leads to a lower in our natural barriers .

Therefore, let's not hesitate to take some time to relax and recharge . To do this, nothing beats a Instant Cocooning , our best relaxation tips are present in our article Cocooning Beauty Ritual:a gift to yourself.

That done, we will have had our fill of energy to face the day!

#2 Good skin hydration

Just like restorative rest, everyone strongly and knowingly recommends it:Staying hydrated is essential!

Drink enough water can only do the greatest good. As proof, our body itself is largely composed of water.

The water we drink affects our skin condition, but so do the moisturizers we use in cosmetics. They guarantee the preservation of the hydrolipidic film . And this, so as not to end up with completely dried out and torn skin.

Depending on the type of skin, we will have to choose the appropriate moisturizer, the one that will keep the hydrolipidic film intact without causing shine.

Bio Doudou Cocoon Intense Hydration Day Cream by Bio by Oxalia is ideal for this winter. The cold aggravates skin dryness, this treatment enriched with hyaluronic acid and organic safflower oil hydrates the most sensitive skin even in winter. We recommend its application in the morning on the face and the neckline carefully cleansed.

For the body, Esthetica Pure Nature's Organic Rich Intense Body Cream is enriched with organic aloe vera, organic coconut oil and only with organic Sacha inchi oil. These active ingredients will deeply nourish the skin, leaving a soft and delicate fragrance.

The eye area is a very sensitive part of the face, so it will need an appropriate product. The Organic Eye Contour Care Merveill'yeux from La Fare en Provence 1789 enriched with avocado and brown algae will moisturize and illuminate the complexion.

Throughout the day, our hands are exposed to the cold. To offer them care worthy of their hard work, we recommend Organic Nourishing Hand Cream from the Aurania range by Terra Ipsum. Lavandin and sweet orange essential oils leave a delicate fragrance, while organic Aloe Vera and Organic Shea Butter nourish and moisturize our hands.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, natural and organic cosmetics are not tested on animals and are also vegan for the most part. To ensure the authenticity of a product's commitments, we recommend verifying their certifications. To do this, here is our guide and presentation of organic labels during this process.

#3 Stay tuned to your skin's needs

Skin hypersensitivity is a reaction of the immune system . It is characterized by excessive reactions of the skin to external stimulus (cold, sun, pollution, etc.).

Therefore, tightness, itching, redness or seborrheic dermatitis, we experience discomfort with each change of environment . It is possible that the source of this evil partially depends on external elements:lifestyle, relational environment or even self-relationship. Another reason to take time to take care of yourself on a daily basis.