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Organic Safflower Oil:Our winter ally

The Safflower comes straight from Eastern countries. Its virtues are reminiscent of Asia, its flowers:Iran and its colors:the spice market of India. His palette and ocher tones have bewitched the world of painting. Its light nutty taste, close to sunflower oil, seduces the big names in gastronomy. Its nutritional values ​​make it a place of choice in nutritherapy. It may even be present in our daily lives as it is so versatile. But did you know that it is also a pearl in natural and organic cosmetology?

Its rich composition gives it many properties in cosmetics:healing, anti-inflammatory but above all moisturizing, with such characteristics, Organic Safflower Oil will become our most great ally to spend the winter.


Safflower or Carthamus tinctorius is a thorny, annual plant native to the Near East. Its appearance is similar to that of thistles and its golden yellow color sometimes turns orange. It was long exploited for its dye property . While his smuggling earned him the reputation of false-saffron .

His past is picturesque. Historically, its use dates back to the time of ancient Egypt during certain rites. Or even in the Mediterranean basin where it was recognized as an exceptional dye . However, this multipurpose plant was gradually forgotten with the arrival of chemical dyes and other substitutes.

It has only been in the spotlight for a few decades. For good reason, the oil extracted from Safflower seeds has many benefits, especially in organic cosmetics.

The virtues of Organic Safflower Oil

The safflower was best known for the dyeing ability of its flowers, hence its name safflower of the dyers . But the mythical oil with multiple virtues is taken from its seeds.

The safflower seeds are oilseeds from which an oil is extracted, rich in composition in unsaturated fat . It is a significant source of polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega 6; more than 70% linoleic acid). It also contains Omega 9 and is rich in Vitamin K and E.

This composition gives many properties to organic Safflower oil:antioxidant, emollient, nourishing… A great feature is that in addition to being healing, it promotes vasoconstriction, which makes it ideal against skin ageing.

In organic cosmetics, its effectiveness has been demonstrated for the treatment of certain skin ailments :scar and/or light burn, rosacea, stretch marks, irritation, redness, eczema…

It is highly recommended for mature skin and suitable for sensitive skin .

Its moisturizing effects are also suitable in hair treatments :hair loss, irritation and/or dryness of the scalp. This active ingredient also remedies the problems of brittle, dull, discolored hair...

To benefit from optimal efficiency, the oil must be cold pressed and of organic origin . In order to ensure its purity and quality, we recommend its purchase in specialized stores.

Organic Safflower Oil in Cosmetics

Organic safflower oil is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. It is especially recommended for mature skin due to its anti-aging effects.

In view of its light texture , it easily penetrates the skin for immediate nourishing, soothing and emollient effects. It can be added to day and/or night creams to nourish, regenerate and deeply hydrate the skin . It is also ideal for eye contour against dark circles, a part that requires more gentle and moisturizing care.

In these cold weather, hydration is the priority treatment . Doudou Cocoon Organic Intense Hydration Day Cream by Bio by Oxalia is enriched with organic safflower oil and hyaluronic acid. Its active ingredients can nourish and moisturize the most sensitive skin even in winter.

Good news, we will find this wonderful product in the December box “Christmas Magic”! A box full of essential care for this winter.

Organic safflower oil is well known for treating blotchy skin and rosacea . To do this, it is possible to use it pure, in massage on the areas to be treated; or combined with a few drops of essential oils of your choice (Damask Rose, Tamanu, lavender, etc.)

Organic safflower oil can be used as a makeup remover. Its lightness and quick application make it a gentle and effective make-up remover. Its regenerating properties limit and/or reduce the appearance of light scars.

Finally, the moisturizing, nourishing and restorative properties of this wonderful oil can be applied to hair treatments . For dry and brittle hair, we can use it as a serum or as a mask with a towel. Organic safflower oil deeply nourishes and brings shine and volume to the hair even the most rebellious.