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winter and my skin

the impact of winter

The skin suffers, attacked by the cold , wind, temperature changes between cold outside and warm inside. The friction of the layers of clothing, the showers far too hot to regain a little heat... And the handkerchief passed and ironed over our noses! All these small gestures greatly impact our skin. The skin feels tight, itches, becomes covered with redness and scales. Hands and lips are damaged and chapped...
She suffers from the main problem of winter:dehydration . It affects all skin types whether mixed, oily, dry, dehydrated... This lack of hydration disrupts the hydrolipidic film of the skin, which lacks water and dries out. Indeed, the skin is protected by a natural film that is called hydrolipidic and which is made up of water and oil. The skin therefore needs to be nourished and hydrated.

Hydrate your skin

Do not panic, This problem of dehydration is not without solution! With the right gestures and the right care, you will recover radiant healthy skin.
Only solution in case of dehydration? rehydration. The best hydration for the skin comes from within. Therefore, both for our skin and for our health, we must drink enough water. We can take the opportunity to carry out internal "care" with detoxifying drinks or other natural herbal teas.

The treatments

On the cosmetic side, the time has come to take care of our skin. It is therefore necessary to hydrate and nourish this skin, activate and stimulate the micro circulation, see to treat it to avoid suffering too much! To do this, belleaunaturel has created its supreme hydration organic box.
This box contains a whole selection of organic, vegan, made in France and Fullsize care intended to hydrate our skin. Cleanser, cream, serum or lotion, all the products our skin needs to shine even in winter. And this with the best organic cosmetics carefully selected to make us shine even in the middle of winter.
With all this, you should be ready to spend a comfortable winter! We hope it won't be too long!

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