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My back-to-school organic beauty treatments!

Hello to everyone,

I hope you all enjoyed your summer.

Some of us may have noticed how our complexions become dull and start to look tired with the start of the school year. Our hair is dry and a few small imperfections are starting to show up. This is normal, exposure to the sun even if it gives us this nice tan, has certain consequences. But don't panic thanks to the BIO BelleauNaturel box in September, you have three weapons to regenerate face &hair.

  • Organic Rosewood essential oil

This rather luxurious essential oil is a perfect answer to the balance and regeneration needs of our skin. Anti-aging, radiance booster and even in care against acne or eczema, this essential oil can do it all. Add a few drops to vegetable oil in the evening and enjoy deep care. Ultimately the skin is toned, illuminated and bye-bye imperfections.

  • Organic avocado vegetable oil

One of the essentials in the closet of natural-addicts, avocado oil is very popular in cosmetics. Very rich in essential fatty acid, it has very interesting softening and nutritive properties. Protective and regenerating, it will be ideal to apply in an oil bath on your damaged hair and even as a night facial treatment to regain suppleness and hydration.

  • 100% natural pink clay

In addition to its very girly color, pink clay is an active ingredient of choice for dull skin. Like all clays, a little water is enough to make a remineralizing mask. Apply in a thin layer, never let it dry completely. 10/15 minutes later, you can enjoy revitalized skin.

Takeitgreen's minute ideas:

What if to get the most out of your three natural active ingredients, you decide to mix them together?

Healthy glow and anti-aging mask: a tablespoon of pink clay + water + 3 drops of ORGANIC Rosewood essential oil.

Repairing and anti-blemish night care: the equivalent of a dab of ORGANIC avocado oil + 2 drops of ORGANIC Rosewood essential oil.

Remineralising treatment for dry, dull hair: Two to three tablespoons of pink clay + water + 3 to 4 tablespoons of avocado oil.

Do not hesitate to share all the good recipes that you will have used thanks to these three pretty products.

Asmae from Take it green