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Organic Argan, the beauty oil par excellence

The argan oil used for centuries by women comes from Morocco, and more particularly from the fruit of the Argan tree... The BIO BelleauNaturel box lets us discover all the benefits this month!

Making Argan Oil

An endemic tree of Morocco, the argan tree is listed as a universal heritage by the World Biosphere Network (UNESCO) and comes from the Arganeraie region, the only argan forest in the world.

To obtain argan oil, several steps are necessary. First, you have to remove the pulp from the fruit to recover the nut. This nut is then crushed to recover the almond. Argan oil is obtained after mixing and pressing this almond.

44kg of nuts are needed to obtain 1 liter of argan oil!

Mainly used as a cosmetic product for the skin, hair and nails, argan oil is also used in cooking to regulate cholesterol.

A perfect anti-wrinkle and anti-oxidant treatment!

Organic Argan Oil is a must have for women as it provides your skin with the essential fatty acids (omega 6 and 9) it needs to fight the effects of aging.

In addition to fatty acids, its vitamin E content makes it a very nourishing, regenerating, restructuring oil and helps fight against free radicals.

It is ideal for dry skin because its high antioxidant content helps fight against dryness of the skin.

Use tips &beauty tips

In face, décolleté, body care, it is used pure or a few drops can be mixed before application with the usual care. Perform circular massages to make the oil penetrate well.

For the hair, it can be used as a serum on dry ends or as a mask on the whole hair.

For nails, it is used to massage soft and brittle nails and cuticles to strengthen and nourish them.

It can be used pure as a food supplement at low doses.

For optimal results, prefer a pure and organic argan oil, without GMOs or dyes, such as KAE COSMETICS' ORGANIC beauty oil.

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