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Culinary recipes with Aronia berries

Organic Aronia berries have a lot of virtues, very rich in antioxidants, they allow us to ward off oxidative stress which promotes the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

In addition, the consumption of ORGANIC Aronia berries is perfect if you want to lose weight! By their low calorie content, they prevent fat from storing too much in the body, especially in the belly area. They are also known to be effective against disorders of the stomach, intestine and liver.

But then how to consume the berries of Aronia BIO?

I will offer you two consumption ideas, the first in the form of smoothies, the second in the form of cookies.

Yes, when you go on a diet, you favor the consumption of fruits &vegetables, the smoothie is the perfect drink to consume them, where you can refresh yourself as much as treat yourself :)

Strawberry, Blueberry &Aronia Berry Smoothie Recipe:

- 125g strawberries

- 125g blueberries

- 2 tsp aronia berries

- some ice cubes

The advantage of the smoothie is the speed of realization, indeed, place your strawberries, your blueberries and your Aronia berries in your blender and mix. Once the fruits have been mixed, add the ice cubes and mix. Result, a delicious, fresh smoothie with all the benefits of Aronia berries!

Let's stay, in the spirit of paying attention to our figure, but while having fun, I have the perfect cookie recipe that allows us to allow ourselves sweets without scaring our scales! Banana-based cookies are perfect!

Cookies, Banana, Chocolate &Aronia Berries Recipe:

- 2 bananas

- 100 g oatmeal

- 20g chocolate chips

- 4 tsp Aronia berries

Mash two bananas until you get a "mash".

Add the 100 grams of oatmeal and mix.
Then add the Aronia berries.

Arrange small "balls" with the dough on your baking sheet.

Flatten the cookies a little and place some chocolate chips on top.

We will leave about 40 minutes in the oven at 170° and we can taste about 6 to 9 cookies depending on the size of our balls.

This is how to combine pleasure &health, while having fun and in a fun way!

I hope I have made you want to discover this ORGANIC superfruit, present in the September ORGANIC box of BelleauNaturel!

To your stoves &blenders!

Claire aka Pooky D'amour