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Sensitive skin:how to soothe it?

Contrary to what one might think, sensitive skin is not a skin type but a skin condition ! Skin types include dry skin, normal skin, combination skin and oily skin. On the other hand, among the skin conditions we find sensitive skin (reactive skin ), mature skin, dehydrated skin and acne-prone skin. Note that each type of skin can one day be subject to a skin condition! That is to say that oily skin can very well be sensitive skin or that dry skin can also be mature skin. Since skin conditions can affect anyone, both women and men, we wanted to look into them a bit! Today we talk to you about sensitive skin in more detail and we explain the care to use to soothe it and regain some comfort .

Sensitive skin:how to soothe it?

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What is sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin:how to soothe it?

Sensitive skin is reactive skin, often uncomfortable , which draws, which burns and which, sometimes, itches. Sensitive skin is also fragile skin and intolerant skin , they react to the slightest change in temperature or cream, to tap water but also to food. This reaction to stimuli is due to an altered skin barrier . Being damaged, less protective and porous, the skin barrier leaves the skin defenseless against numerous external aggressions. It also leads to dehydration of the skin and a more porous hydrolipidic film , which also no longer protects the skin as well... This skin hypersensitivity, although it is a temporary state, creates a lot of discomfort for those affected. In the most extreme cases, skin sensitivity can progress to peeling or worse, psoriasis or eczema.

What factors can trigger skin hypersensitivity?

Various factors can lead to reactive and sensitive skin. Among the best known we can find:

  • external factors:pollution, UV rays, wind, cold, heat
  • psychological factors:stress, anxiety, shyness, strong emotions
  • hormonal factors:menstrual cycle, pregnancy, menopause
  • healthy lifestyle:excessive hygiene (e.g. washing your face morning, noon and night or scrubbing every day), diet, shaving, cosmetics used.

These different factors can alter the condition of the skin on the face as well as on the body, but also on the scalp .

How do you know if you have sensitive and reactive skin?

Sensitive skin:how to soothe it?

Making the "diagnosis" of sensitive skin is quite subjective... From a medical point of view, even a clinical examination can rarely shed light on the reasons for sensitive skin problems . And yes, the triggers are so vast that you have to surround yourself with several specialists if the problem is very disabling. Dermatologists, but also allergists, can help you detect the triggers and find lasting solutions to soothe your skin!

The best way to detect this skin problem, before going to consult, is still to observe it and ask yourself the right questions. Does your skin feel tight to the point of irritation or itching? Is it prone to redness when hot or cold? Does it tend to turn red and hot as soon as you face strong emotions? Does it seem permanently uncomfortable to you? If you answered "yes" to most of these questions, it is quite possible that you are in the middle of a phase of skin sensitivity!

Know that sensitive skin problems affect about 1/3 of the population, mostly women, and it is not inevitable! There are a multitude of things to put in place to palliate feelings of discomfort and eradicate this phenomenon of skin sensitivity . We explain everything to you below!

What facial treatment for reactive skin that blushes and feels tight?

A beauty routine for sensitive skin is not easy to set up! Since sensitivities are broad and unique to each individual, what works for your neighbor may not necessarily work for you. Don't worry, we still have tips for you to help you find the sensitive skin beauty routine that will work and give you relief!

Sensitive skin:how to soothe it?

Which make-up remover &facial cleanser for sensitive skin?

Clean your face when you have skin concerns can quickly transform a moment of relaxation into a moment of suffering, regardless of the skin problem in question! When it comes to sensitive skin, sometimes just touching the surface of the skin can trigger an attack of itching or even pain. Not to mention the contact with water, which, we're not going to lie to each other, is very chalky in most cities!

To remove make-up and cleanse your skin with the greatest gentleness , it is necessary to favor soft and unctuous textures. Organic cleansing oils are highly recommended for people suffering from sensitivity. Oily, they meet the needs of the skin:remove make-up without causing any irritation! The little extra? They nourish the skin and help soothe it . Ideal for a cocooning moment after a day in the cold or in the heat! If you like to be interested in the compositions of the products you use, try flushing out cleansing oils with calendula oil (calming, soothing, softening and restorative), sweet almond oil (soothes redness, irritation and itching) or hazelnut oil (moisturizing, softening and protective). It is also quite possible to use virgin and pure vegetable oils as a make-up remover!

As for the facial cleanser , cleansing milks are also recommended. Creamy, softer and often without rinsing, they are perfect! Again, try to find organic products with natural soothing and calming active ingredients. Mallow, chamomile water, aloe vera, vegetable butters and vegetable oils are among the preferred ingredients!

Here is a selection of make-up removers suitable for sensitive skin that you can try with your eyes closed :

The little gentle tip that we can whisper in your ear for the make-up removal and cleaning step is to avoid using tap water . Calcareous and aggressive for any skin, it is fatal for reactive skin! If you still prefer to use a make-up remover or cleanser that requires rinsing, choose thermal water to rinse your skin . In addition to bringing you minerals, it often has soothing and regenerating properties! Otherwise, consider spraying a hydrosol or floral water (plantain, helichrysum or lemon balm) to eliminate all traces of limescale on the skin .

What moisturizer for hypersensitive and fragile skin?

Sensitive skin:how to soothe it?

Hydrating sensitive skin can also be quite a challenge. We tell you right away, changing cream every four mornings hoping to finally find the one that suits you is not a good idea! The skin simply needs consistency, hydration, protection and soothing! Okay, said like that, it may seem complicated to find the rare pearl... Don't worry, you can trust our selection of moisturizers for sensitive skin with your eyes closed!

We have selected nutritive creams which will not only moisturize and nourish the skin, but also strengthen its hydrolipidic film . Enough to allow you to spend peaceful days and nights! Among the textures to favor, smooth and thick creams. They will bring a good dose of hydration to the skin and leave it protected! Active level, as for cleansers, favor calming ingredients :blueberry, sweet almond, aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, etc.

To complete the routine, you can also add a serum! Indeme Anti-Irritation Lotion or Florame Tolerance Soothing Moisturizing Serum can be put on before the moisturizer to provide extra skin care. In a beauty routine, the serum aims to provide even more concentrated and targeted active ingredients to the skin. Put before the moisturizer, it also allows you to boost your effectiveness! Not to be overlooked, no matter what skin problem you have.

Masks, peelings and scrubs:is it possible?

In case of sensitive skin, we tend to advise against scrubs and peels! A little too aggressive for this state of the epidermis, they risk over-reacting the skin and making it more sensitive than it already is. However, as we have seen above, sensitive skin can be prone to flaking (when the skin peels off in small strips). In this case, once or twice a month you can perform the Virtuous Circle Face Scrub from the Pai Skincare brand! The exfoliation is very gentle since it is made with 100% natural jojoba oil pearls. On top of that, the scrub is enriched with kukui oil, known to offer protection and nutrition to the skin! We therefore leave aside peelings, which are potentially too aggressive for the skin, and scrubs with thick grains.

Mask level, you can make a mask once or twice a week ! The use of a mask allows the active ingredients to have time to penetrate the skin. Moisturizing, soothing, nourishing, repairing or even radiant, everything is good for treating sensitive skin. On the other hand, stay away from purifying masks which could be much too aggressive. A super simple mask idea to make? Apply a good layer of aloe vera gel on the skin ! Its regenerating, soothing, protective and moisturizing properties can only do good for your skin.

Which beauty products and gestures should be avoided with sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin:how to soothe it?

Obviously, there are certain gestures and beauty products to absolutely avoid when you have reactive skin :

  • avoid tap water as much as possible (think of mists and floral waters),
  • avoid products that are too aggressive (peeling with fruit acids, scrubs with coarse grains or with exfoliating gloves),
  • avoid testing lots of products to find the right one, rely on active ingredients and organic, short and natural formulas,
  • protect your skin from the sun with a cream and avoiding the hours when UV rays are strongest,
  • protect your skin from the cold in winter and use richer cream textures such as moisturizing balms,
  • avoid beauty products with essential oils (potentially too aggressive for the skin),
  • avoid products with dyes and perfume,
  • for men:remember to soften your hair well before shaving (with a warm towel or with Into the Beard Pre-Shave Oil),
  • avoid eating too spicy food, drinking alcohol regularly or smoking, these factors are just as involved as the others,
  • avoid overly invasive make-up, stick to light materials such as mineral powders.

These tips and beauty tips given above should already help you better understand the needs of your skin and meet them. If the symptoms persist and your skin becomes more and more uncomfortable, consider consulting a healthcare professional !

And you, what beauty treatments and gestures have soothed your skin? Leave us your routine and tips in the comments!