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How to have a nice complexion?

Fresh, united, radiant... We all want to display a pretty complexion every day, even the day after a party, or after three months without vacation. With the right gestures, the right products, and good habits, nothing is impossible! Here are Veld's beauty tips for a beautiful complexion.

Clean, exfoliated skin for a beautiful complexion

Dullness can come from many factors. Among the main causes, toxins and excess sebum encrusted in the pores, which immediately blur the complexion . City dwellers and smokers are all the more concerned, because the pollution and nicotine that lodge in the skin considerably affect the radiance of the complexion.

To prevent dullness, you need a good daily cleansing of the skin . Cleanse your face morning and evening with a gentle cleanser suitable for your skin type. In the evening, remove your make-up carefully:when make-up, dust, perspiration, and pollution remain on the skin all night, when it is supposed to regenerate, the complexion is dull and imperfections guaranteed! A good make-up removal and a good cleaning will already make a clear difference to have a nice complexion.

How to properly exfoliate your skin?

Beyond cleansing, the skin also needs to be exfoliated:thishelps eliminate dead cells and toxins embedded deep in the skin , responsible for dull complexion. Exfoliation notably helps to refine the skin texture with tightened pores, for a smoother complexion.

We advise you to ‘exfoliate your skin once or twice per week, using a scrub adapted to your skin:with grains for normal to oily skin, with enzymes for dry or sensitive skin. The scrub is applied to damp skin, after having thoroughly removed make-up and cleansed the skin. With regularly exfoliated skin, you will find a nice skin texture, a luminous and unified complexion. Be careful, however, to don't forget to moisturize the skin after your scrub!

Hydration, the secret of a fresh complexion

Dry skin can also make your complexion dull. It is also a source of premature skin aging, with skin that is more sensitive to attacks, which marks more easily. When the skin is dry, the complexion blurs, fine lines deepen much more quickly, and pigment spots may appear .

Indeed, well hydrated skin benefits from a solid hydrolipidic film. This film will partially protect the skin from extreme temperatures, pollution, and UV rays. When it is unbalanced, it loses its role as a shield and the skin marks and becomes irritated more quickly. This is also true for the area around the eyes, where puffiness and dark circles deepen very quickly in the event of dry skin.

Our advice for optimal hydration of the skin

To have a nice complexion and keep skin fresh and plump, several good practices are to be put in place. First of all, be sure to hydrate yourself enough, by drinking at least 1 liter of water a day . This will provide a good base for your skin, while re-energizing your body.

Then, you should apply every day, morning and evening, a moisturizer adapted to your skin type. In the morning, opt for a light moisturizer , without greasy effect, to have a good hold of your make-up. In the evening, you can opt for a richer moisturizer , to allow the skin to completely recharge its batteries.

Our moisturizers from the AGE 2O range provide deep hydration to the skin, without making it greasy. In addition, their anti-aging complex smoothes fine lines and wrinkles while unifying the complexion. The signs of aging are reduced, you find plump and healthy skin :the key to having a nice complexion!

Healthy-looking treatments and gestures for a pretty complexion

Small gestures and beauty rituals, carried out regularly, can help you have a nice complexion. Because a luminous complexion is nothing next to ugly dark circles, do not hesitate to put your eye contour care in the fridge to increase its decongestant effect. You can also use green tea bags, to leave on the eyes for 10 minutes, or use grandmother's technique:apply spoonfuls left in the fridge all night on your pockets, to make them disappear.

To stimulate circulation, eliminate micro-contractions and tighten your features, you can apply your morning cream in tonic massages with your fingertips . Treat yourself to a two-minute massage, ending with pats all along the face:it's ideal for waking up the complexion!

Of course, to have a nice complexion, you can bet on unifying products, with a healthy glow effect. Our Pure Pulp Glow cream is a global treatment that acts on the energy, light, and color of the skin to restore a radiant complexion. It is a very good moisturizing base to apply at the start of the day, for long-lasting makeup.

To hydrate the skin, protect it from skin aging and give you a nice complexion, we have also designed the Flash Protect treatment. This DD cream brings light and unifies the complexion. Its light and fluid texture does not mark fine lines. Ideal for a natural good-looking effect, and a pretty complexion every day!

A healthy glow effect make-up

Having a pretty complexion also requires appropriate, fresh and luminous makeup. A natural and light complexion job, with a DD cream, a concealer, and a light mineral powder is ideal . To bring even more radiance to the complexion, fresh eye and lip work will make all the difference.

When you make up your eyes, the application of a highlight or a clear and pearly eyeshadow will give light to the eye contour. Apply the shadow or highlighter under the eyebrow and at the inner corner of the eye in small strokes . This trick will give you sparkling eyes in no time! To finalize the make-up, opt for a light touch of blush and a natural nude or rosewood lipstick, to provide a healthy glow and enhance your complexion.

When choosing eyeshadow or lipstick, choose shades that match your skin tone. It's the same with choosing your outfits:wear the colors that suit your complexion at the top, close to the face, and the colors that suit you less at the bottom, away from the face. The choice of colors adapted to our skin tone is essential to really enhance your complexion and avoid a dull and tired look!