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How to make up her matte skin?

How to make up her matte skin? Everyone envies you, but your dark skin tends to turn gray. How to wear makeup to look good when you have dark skin? Frédérique Alcaraz, make-up artist for Couleur Caramel gives you all her advice for a radiant complexion.

It is always believed – wrongly – that dark skin is easier to make up than light skin, but it tends to turn gray. What makeup to highlight your tanned complexion without turning grey?


To begin with, it is important to take care of your skin. Like all skin tones, dark skin, which is often combination to oily skin, should not skip scrubs and a good moisturizer. Make-up removal is also an essential step in taking care of your face. Cleanse your skin morning and evening, changing cotton pads and eye products.


To look good, we focus on the complexion, which is the basis of a successful make-up:"People with dark to black skin are often afraid of getting tipsy, the important thing is the complexion !" says Frédérique Alcaraz, make-up artist for Couleur Caramel. "For matte to dark skin, we start with a mattifying foundation – organic if possible – which smoothes the skin texture and will allow you to better fix makeup for the day."

Then, apply your concealer, which you choose slightly orange or apricot and apply in small touches. Do not take it too light to avoid graying the complexion. "It is essential to blend it with the foundation to avoid demarcations" . If necessary, you can put a little concealer after the foundation to hide imperfections.

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How to choose the right foundation? We try the shade on the jaws and not on the back of the hand, which is darker than the face! "For dull skin, choose a shade above your skin tone. The foundation often lightens on application. Above all, avoid foundations that are too light, which will dull our skin. skin. A darker tone helps restore radiance." The ideal, for Frédérique, is a stick foundation, both covering and light, which is applied with a brush to better stretch the material and reach difficult areas such as the bridge of the nose. In addition, this very gentle technique is as pleasant as a massage!

On matte skin, the foundation should not be too powdery, to avoid the mask effect:"You keep a slightly satiny complexion, prettier and more natural." We therefore choose a compact powder of the same shade as the foundation, which we apply with a brush in a light cloud, only on the T zone. We mainly keep the shine on the cheekbones for a glowy complexion. You can also opt for a loose mineral powder if you have very oily skin, which you always apply with a brush, and always the same color as the foundation! The main thing when you have dark skin is to take care of the make-up of the complexion. A perfect and velvety complexion will ensure you a healthy glow and will enhance your complexion!


If the complexion is successful, we can afford everything. For the eyes, we adapt the colors to that of his eyes, while taking care to marry them well with the color of his skin. We therefore focus on warm tones, copper or iridescent, in eyeshadow. Add a line of liner for a timeless cat's eye!

For lip makeup, when you have matte skin, you can dare to use color, according to the current trend. If it is orange, wear a shiny apricot lipstick or a carmine red. If it is pink, we choose a fuschia pink lipstick or a shiny rosé.