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How to make a scrub? Manual

The exfoliation has many virtues to improve the appearance of the skin, whether it is an exfoliation of the face or the body:radiance of the complexion, refined skin texture, healthier skin. But how to make an effective exfoliation without attacking the skin? How to take advantage of this care to sublimate it? Here's everything you need to know about exfoliation.

Exfoliation, what is it for?

Ah the scrub… a must in our bathroom. This treatment exfoliates the skin of the face and body, to instantly sublimate it. How does this little miracle happen? Our skin constantly renews itself , and the dead cells rise to the surface of the skin, forming small more or less noticeable dead skin cells. These dead cells can dull and blur the complexion. The exfoliation helps to eliminate them, to leave room for a very fresh and dapper skin .

But the benefits of exfoliation do not stop there:it is an excellent treatment for preventing the occurrence of imperfections. It unclogs the pores, to prevent sebum from getting lodged there, and causing comedones or blackheads. In this way, the exfoliation makes it possible to tighten the pores to have a clearer skin, with a nice skin texture.

Finally, on the side of the body, exfoliation allows you to maintain your tan , but also to prepare the skin for hair removal. Performed the day before waxing, it prevents ingrown hairs, for a cleaner look.

How to exfoliate?

Facial exfoliation in your skincare routine

To improve the appearance of your skin with face scrub , exfoliation should be incorporated into your skincare routine. The scrub should be applied to clean skin, after removing make-up and cleansing. Depending on the scrub used, it can be applied to dry or wet skin, and may or may not require an exposure time. Before embarking on your face scrub, read the laboratory instructions carefully .

After your exfoliation, always moisturize the skin, so that it is not irritated or dry. Indeed, the exfoliation can be a rather aggressive treatment, which is why it is better to do it in the evening, before bedtime, to let the skin rest afterwards. In the same way, it is advisable to do not do more than one to two exfoliations per week , great maximum.

Exfoliation and mask:a duo use

Scrubs and masks are considered to be the same type of treatment:complementary treatments to our daily beauty routines, to give the skin a boost . When the exfoliation clears the way, the mask treats the beauty problems of the skin, thanks to a concentrated treatment, to be left on.

Scrubs and masks are thus often used as a duo:the scrub first, to unclog pores, and allow better absorption of care to be continued. Then, we move on to the face mask, which can then act fully and penetrate the skin, for an in-depth action. A good way to increase the effects of each treatment tenfold, for visible and immediate results.

Exfoliation and tanning:the summer tip

Exfoliation and tanning are closely linked:indeed, it is the secret of a fast, uniform and long-lasting tan . The scrub can be used to prepare the skin for the sun before your vacation:once a week beforehand, then the day before sun exposure. By eliminating dead cells that can "block" the sun, it allows the skin to tan faster and evenly.

On the other hand, don't forget the sun protection at each exposure :as much as we like to have pretty tanned skin, so much sunburn… Not so much! The exfoliation can also sublimate the tan after exposure, by eliminating the dead cells to reveal those below, still dapper and colored by the sun.

How to choose your scrub?

It's decided, are you going to exfoliate this summer? Now you have to find the scrub that suits you. Whether you are looking for a body scrub or a face scrub , your care must be adapted to your skin type. Indeed, there are two types of scrubs:

  • Mechanical scrub :it is a scrub based on more or less large grains, which exfoliate the skin by rubbing. They are suitable for normal to oily skin. The larger the grain, the greater the exfoliating action. However, you have to be careful not to rub the skin too hard, so as not to damage it:go easy . Mechanical peeling is not recommended for problem skin, as it should not be used on damaged skin.
  • Chemical scrub :it is a scrub with acids or enzymes, often of fruits or plants. It does not act by friction, you simply leave it on, and the active ingredients it contains do the work. The skin is clean and gently cleansed . The chemical scrub is ideal for dry, sensitive skin, or for problem skin.