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How to make up red skin?

How to make up red skin? From copper to mahogany to red, red hair is often synonymous with fair skin and demands harmonious make-up. Here are some tips that will help you choose the perfect makeup to highlight your redhead skin!

To make up red skin, favor natural tones

Red-haired women often have fair, even diaphanous skin and fragile complexions. To highlight the red and respect the purity of your complexion, preferably bet on subtle makeup and low-coverage products. If your complexion has few or no flaws, no need to overload:a light and clear powder is enough to illuminate your skin and highlight your redhead. If you want to hide your dark circles or small imperfections, opt for a green color corrector and a lightly covering foundation, a half tone below that of your skin. Your cheekbones are excellent allies for highlighting your porcelain complexion and your flamboyant hair:to emphasize them and illuminate your face, turn to light pink or peach shades. Healthy glow effect guaranteed!

Making up the eyes of red skin, which colors to choose?

Eye makeup when you have red skin is delicate, so the color of your eyes and your eyebrows will determine your makeup. If your eyebrows are light, avoid black mascara, which will contrast unnaturally, and prefer brown shades. To choose an eyeshadow adapted to your complexion and which will enhance your redhead, base yourself on the color of your eyes. Are you a redhead with brown eyes? Cool shades such as olive and khaki will suit you wonderfully. If you are redheaded and your eyes are light, opt for warm tones:cinnamon, copper and brown will highlight your assets. Then, whether your eyes are light or not, dare to go green:underlined with a line of eyeliner, this color is made for you and always goes perfectly well with fair complexions and red hair! For a more sophisticated look, dare the smoky eye, perfect if accompanied by discreet makeup and a nude mouth.

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The perfect shades to make up your mouth

Red skin often has light lips that are easy to make up. To emphasize your mouth, the options are multiple:bright red, coral shades, light colors... For a fresh effect that awakens the complexion, turn to light shades that match your skin, such as beige or light pink. . For a healthy glow, apricot or coral shades will work wonders and enhance your eyes. And if your complexion is perfect, you can dare everything and dress your mouth with a flamboyant matte lipstick, which will sublimate your hair color for an incendiary effect!