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The 5 rules of successful bridal makeup!

The 5 rules of successful bridal makeup! The specificity of bridal makeup is the art of composing with light, colors very soft (pink, lilac, peach…), and a feeling of freshness as a bonus. Eye shadows, blush and foundation are applied in a subtle and feminine balancing act. On the occasion of the edition of the 2015 Lancôme Wedding Makeup collection, the Lancôme Make Up Artist Miky gives us her precious advice for putting on makeup on D-Day...

The rule that imposes itself in terms of make-up for a wedding, is above all to continue to look alike. This is no longer the right time to make big changes in your make up, because they are sometimes less flattering than natural:The look should not be too busy, as if you were at a party, and the complexion should remain cool!

Finally, all the care that you will bring upstream to your skin, will allow you to keep a light hand on the day of the wedding.

A natural... baby complexion
A light foundation is preferably chosen, to be applied with a brush to maintain a fresh appearance. Knowing that for the complexion, everything is a matter of preparation, with certain upstream treatments such as the peeling recommended to regenerate your skin. Possibility also two weeks before, to add a few drops of self-tanner in your care, for a light tan.

A fresh and sparkling look
If the watchword is lightness, we favor eye shadows in soft shades, with in the Lancôme Wedding Makeup collection two palettes depending on skin tone -warm or cold-, a peach palette and a parma (slightly purple dew) . Without forgetting the hint of iridescence, which is very pleasant for the look, which we want to be sparkling! Do not hesitate to make up the flush of the eyelids with matte to give depth.

To avoid an overly busy look, choose two mascaras (one that lengthens and another that thickens) and forget about false eyelashes. A brown mascara, rather than black, will be less harsh on angular faces, thin mouths and slightly sunken eyes.

Flawless eyebrows
An eyebrow line (in places dedicated to the beauty of the eyebrow) is planned at least one to two months in advance. Needless to say, we avoid waxing the same day… Only a very fine pencil -below its color- is authorized to fill in the small holes. Finally, a touch of light below the eyebrow is perfect to enhance the look.

A sober mouth and colorful nails
We avoid matte or too flashy lipsticks, a tinted balm may be suitable. The nails that we favor cut short, dare the flashier color to enhance this very soft bridal make up.

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Thanks to Miky, Makeup Artist Lancôme

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The 5 rules of successful bridal makeup!