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The right look with a skater skirt

Among the popular skirts this year, the skater skirt seduced by its girly look. We love it for its lightness and marked waist that conceals the hips and lengthens the legs with elegance and femininity.

Practical to adopt in winter as in summer, the skater skirt is deceptively casual and can also be worn for casual looks only for dressier looks.

What body type to wear a skater skirt ? How to wear the skater skirt in style? What are the trendy looks of the moment?

What is the skater skirt?

The skater skirt is a short skirt, flared and gathered at the waist. Its shape makes ripples like a kind of wave. All women love this kind of skirt that allows it to turn and twirl like in a romantic movie.

It comes in all materials:lace, velvet, leather, cotton, polyester, jeans, etc., which makes it very easy to adapt it to all seasons.

In general, the skater skirt is short but there are some midi cuts that give a very nice retro style or neo-bourgeois chic.

Skater skirt or trapeze skirt?

These two cuts of skirts are very close to each other. The trapeze skirt is also a short skirt with a high waist and a flared cut. But it doesn't have those ruffle-style pleats found on the skater skirt.

Skater skirt, what morphology?

The skater skirt is very flattering for most body types. With its ultra-feminine cut, it highlights the waist while concealing the thighs and hips.

Unsightly love handles, overly fleshy thighs, lack of shape at the hips? Wear a skater skirt to erase those little details you don't like. Its harmonious cut will rebalance your silhouette with elegance.

In summary, you can wear a skater skirt if you have a morphology :

  • H-shaped morphology (long and slender silhouette, slightly marked waist, shoulders and hips of equal width).
  • figure-of-eight body shape (pulpy figure, hips and shoulders of the same width).
  • V-shaped body (square shoulders, narrow hips, slender legs).
  • X-shaped morphology (slender and marked waist, slim silhouette).

What to wear with a skater skirt?

Choose your skater skirt according to your style of dress

Whether you like a casual style or a chic style, the skater skirt is all-terrain and goes very easily with many fashion pieces.

For a trendy rock look, we advise you to opt for a leather skater skirt. This type of model is very fashionable this season with its high waist and can be worn with a beautiful lace blouse as well as a slightly oversized sweater. Pair your outfit with heeled ankle boots to emphasize the chic side of the outfit or with biker type ankle boots to accentuate the rock spirit. Don't forget the accessories!! A felt hat and/or a choker will upgrade your outfit in no time!

For a casual look, opt for a denim skater skirt . Denim is king in the land of casual style! Choose a material light enough so that the shape of the skirt does not weigh down the silhouette. Therefore, we opt instead for a light denim skater skirt that we will wear with sneakers and a top.

For a sportswear look, dare the colored skirt! A gray skater skirt or burgundy that you will wear with a basic t-shirt or a cotton sweater with messages and a pair of trendy sneakers such as Van's or Dad Shoes.

For a chic look, opt for a black skater skirt or white in summer. Wear it with refined materials such as embroidery, lace or silk top and add a blazer or fitted jacket for the glamorous touch. Once again, don't skimp on the accessories:a headband, a scarf tied in the hair, a chain with large links or golden hoops will bring a lot of elegance.

Wearing the skater skirt in winter

The little extra of the skater skirt is that it is very easy to wear whether you are in the middle of summer or in winter.

In winter, it is easier to opt for neutral colors such as aburgundy skater skirt , black or grey. Pair it with opaque tights and a shirt or a blouse and a pair of ankle boots.

What coat to wear with a skater skirt?

Straight-cut coats are perfect for dressing up a skater skirt.

The length of your coat should be equal to the length of your skirt or just above your skirt but do not choose a coat that is too long.

In summary:

  • The skater skirt is perfect for H, 8, X and V body shapes.
  • Avoid this skirt cut if you have thick calves. Instead, wear a tapered skirt like a pencil skirt.
  • It can be worn in summer as well as in winter.
  • You can easily adapt it to all your looks:rock, casual, sportswear or chic.
  • Don't forget the accessories to give character to your outfit.