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How to wear the midi skirt with style?

The midi skirt is one of the most popular trends of the season. However, many women do not dare to take the plunge because of its length just below the knees and above the calves which sometimes makes it difficult to wear.

The old-fashioned cut is actually a very feminine cut.

Here is how to wear the midi skirt with elegance!

The midi skirt:the trendy cut of the year

What is a midi skirt?

A midi skirt is a skirt halfway between a mini skirt and a maxi skirt. Its length arrives approximately between the calf and the knees.

There is a wide variety of midi skirts:pleated skirts, straight skirts, tube skirts, buttoned skirts, etc.

The unique cut of midi skirts sometimes makes it difficult to integrate into our looks and we don't always know what clothes to pair it with so as not to look old-fashioned. However, well accessorized, this high-waisted skirt gives a very sophisticated look and a unique style.

Where did the midi skirt come from?

The midi skirt is not his first attempt! It was very fashionable in the 1950s when women were just beginning to wear more feminine skirt models.

Its floaty fit is making a big comeback this year thanks to designers who have completely embraced it in their collections.

It also takes a very important place in some key styles of 2020 such as the neo-bourgeois style .

Midi skirt:for which morphology?

Midi skirts are flattering for most figures because they slim the waist while emphasizing the natural curves of the hips.

How to wear a midi skirt when you are curvy?

The midi skirt is a perfect cut for curvy women because it harmonizes the silhouette. The hips hidden under the skirt appear slimmer and the waist is immediately emphasized. If you have curves, be sure to wear your midi skirt with heels to feminize and lengthen the silhouette.

Can you wear a midi skirt when you're petite? Small women should rather turn to cuts of short skirts. If you really like the cut of midi skirts, you can wear them, but be careful to choose very light flowing cuts and wear heels to look taller.

How to wear the midi skirt?

Which top to wear the midi skirt with?

The midi skirt is made to mark the waist! So be sure to choose close-fitting tops and tuck them into your skirt to emphasize your waist.

Although the midi skirt is very trendy this year, its cut is no less old-fashioned. You must therefore perfectly master your look by choosing the right fashion pieces.

For example, you can wear your best perfecto for a rock chic touch or an oversized embroidered denim jacket for a bohemian touch. You can also pair it with a bodysuit or a lace top to feminize your figure.

Choose current colors and prints to highlight your midi skirt. Sparsely added touches of modernity will bring character to your overall look.

What shoes to wear with a midi skirt?

The choice of shoes with your midi skirt is also very important and can make all the difference for your look. The idea is to draw attention to the lower body and in particular to the calves which are exposed, while taking care of the overall appearance of your outfit.

So what shoes to wear with your midi skirt?

  • For a casual look, opt for sandals with thin straps in the summer or sandals with a small heel to balance your silhouette. Keep in mind that your calf must be bare for a feminine and elegant look. Flats and midi skirt yes but only for a casual style and preferably in summer. Feel free to wear a pastel green skirt or a pastel pink skirt for a romantic look.
  • For a dressier look, you can opt for heels that will balance out the length of the midi skirt. Forget flat shoes or classic shoes that do not add more to your look. Wedges are also very pretty with a midi skirt because they add height.

Sneakers and midi skirt? For a casual look, you can wear sneakers with your midi skirt. Be sure to choose a modern and trendy pair of sneakers.

How to accessorize the midi skirt?

Some details are very important to give style to an outfit. So, to finalize your look, choose elegant accessories:a pretty hat, a beautiful pendant or some refined bracelets.

How to wear the midi skirt in winter?

In winter, there's no question of getting cold ankles! Pair your midi skirt with tights and flat or heeled ankle boots.

You can also wear lace-up ankle boots for an ultra modern touch or more classic ankle boots. However, be careful to choose shoes in a beautiful material so that your calves are clearly distinguishable from your feet.

You will find a very wide selection of models of midi skirts. The designers knew how to tame the different materials to modernize the cut of the midi skirt and make it warm. You can therefore choose to wear a midi skirt in winter by favoring materials such as leather, velvet, satin or jeans.

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