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How to wear the bomber jacket with style?

Each season brings its share of new fashion trends. Among the strong trends this year, the bomber jacket has established itself as an essential fashion piece. This piece of masculine origin is halfway between the casual and chic jacket. Very popular with the stars and widely seen on the catwalks of Fashion Week, it is the little trendy jacket that you like to have in your wardrobe.How to wear the bomber jacket in style? What are the trendy bomber models this season? Mes Habits Chéris tells you all about this fashion trend.

What is a bomber jacket?

The bomber is an aviator-style jacket inspired by the military wardrobe. Its cut is short and its shape is domed. It was very successful in the 1950s, then worn by Navy pilots.

That was before! Gone are the days when the bomber jacket was reserved for men, aviators or bikers. Democratized in the 2000s, the aviator jacket is found more and more on women's ready-to-wear fashion shows. More recently, we find it in an infinite palette of variations, with all kinds of trendy prints.

In leather, fleece, wool or cotton, there are all shapes, from the most discreet to the most oversized.

What body type to wear a bomber jacket?

The bomber is a fashion piece that adapts to most morphologies.

  • Are you tall? You can afford anything. From the discreet plain model to the metallic bomber jacket , you will be fine.
  • Are you short? Opt for a flashy colored bomber jacket to draw the eye to the upper body and wear it with heels in chic mode.
  • Do you have curves? Opt for a light and discreet bomber jacket that goes with everything! Opt for heels for a 100% feminine and chic version.

How to wear the bomber?

The bomber jacket is a fashion piece in its own right that adds style to any basic look.

Whether you want to wear it chic or casual, it will bring a streetwear touch and a sharp style to your looks. You can therefore very easily mix it with all kinds of pieces:from the tight skirt to the slim or boyfriend jeans through the little black dress.

Why is everyone loving this jacket?

The bomber jacket is a much bolder choice than the traditional perfecto or denim jacket. It brings a colorful touch to your outfits and above all it gives style to its owner!

What style of dress with a bomber jacket?

  • If you have a rather strict outfit, it will give a more relaxed feel to your look.
  • If you have a casual style , choose a trendy model like an embroidered bomber jacket for example.

7 trendy bombers this year

To wear the bomber jacket in style this year, opt for a patterned satin bomber jacket.

Do you like this style of jacket but don't know which model to go for? Don't panic, we have prepared the editor's favorites for you to inspire you and choose from a trendy model.

Floral bomber jacket

This is one of the most seen and worn. Flowers are everywhere this year. On the prints of our skirts, our dresses and our blouses, but also in patch or embroidery on jackets, jackets or coats.

The flower bomber jacket was therefore quick to make its appearance and seduce thanks to its romantic allure. Why does it match? Quite simply because the flowers bring the perfect touch of femininity to sublimate a basic bomber jacket with a rather masculine cut.

What to wear the floral bomber jacket with ? Plain pieces:black lace tank top and leather pants for a 100% feminine rock spirit. You can also wear it with jeans or plain pants. You have plenty of options….

If you have no ideas, why not mix it with an essential piece:the black dress?!

The satin bomber jacket

If there's one bomber jacket that's got us hooked this year, it's the satin bomber jacket . With its Japanese look and floral patterns, the bomber takes on the appearance of chic jackets with a couture spirit. Why? Because it obviously shines!

Enough to dress up any little dress elegantly while keeping a very in fashion touch .

We put on a beautiful trendy dress, pumps and off you go, we're wearing our black satin bomber jacket for a trendy chic look. Glam rock effect guaranteed!

Animal print bomber jacket

Python, zebra and leopard are strong prints this year.

We first saw them on t-shirts, then they very quickly invaded women's ready-to-wear collections.

The fashion effect of animal print does not stop there, since it extends to our accessories:shoes, belts, hats etc. . We're talking about the leopard key :a detail that gives style in no time.

If you want to change it up a bit and get a real hype style , dare bomber jacket with animal print . In full leo or python print, or with touches of embroidery, your bomber jacket will turn into an ultra-modern one-of-a-kind piece.

Very easily paired with chic black clothes (leather skirt, black slim pants, ankle boots) for a rock and rebellious look!

The retro bomber jacket

With the return of the 90s in full force this season, it's now or never to play the card oversize . We therefore do not hesitate to choose an XXL bomber jacket version 90210!

Khaki bomber jacket

The khaki bomber jacket is largely marked by its original style:the US army aviator style . It is therefore a perfect piece for a streetwear look. or sportswear . With its androgynous style, the khaki bomber jacket is padded and very generously rounded.

Do not forget to feminize your outfit with your makeup, your bag and your jewelry.

The black bomber jacket

This is the piece that twists with our entire wardrobe! Skirts, pants, shorts, mom jeans or flared jeans, it adapts to all styles. You can wear it very dressy with a little black dress or a floral dress for a romantic and chic look.

The pastel bomber jacket

And finally, we don't forget pastel, one of the summer trends. Parma, mauve, lilac, pastel blue, mint green, powder pink etc…

Soft and colorful shades for a summer under the sign of softness and femininity.

In summary:

If you are looking for a trendy bomber model this season, choose:
  • A floral bomber jacket
  • A satin bomber jacket
  • A black bomber jacket
  • A khaki bomber jacket
  • A retro oversized fit
  • Pastel colors