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How to wear a plus size outfit for a wedding?

If the majority of women have trouble finding a wedding guest outfit , this is even more difficult when you have curves.

Gone are the traditional floral dresses worn close to the body. Having curves is however an asset, you just have to find an outfit adapted to your morphology.

For a chic and elegant outfit, plus size sets are perfect for going to a ceremony. They give a sophisticated look and highlight the silhouette as it should.

How to wear a plus size ensemble to a wedding ? Which plus size set to choose ?

Which plus size women's outfit to attend a wedding?

If it's hard to find a wedding guest outfit for most women, it is even more so when you have curves. Most cocktail dresses being intended for wasp waists, it's not easy to dress as you wish...

Plus size wedding cocktail dress

However, there are perfect outfits to enhance a round silhouette. First of all, you have to find the chic plus size dress which corresponds to its own morphology.

Side plus size cocktail dress , the ideal is an empire waist dress or a wrap dress, especially if you have an O silhouette (thin shoulders, wide thighs, strong chest). Such dresses are very advantageous for the figure. They highlight the shapes by hiding the curves, so why deprive yourself of them?

If you have an A-line silhouette (small chest, shoulders wider than the thighs), choose a dress with a V-neckline or with volume at the level of the upper body (neckline drape for example, shoulder pads etc).

If your figure is H-shaped (low hips and shoulders and thighs of the same width), the empire dress is perfect.

On the other hand, for V-shaped silhouettes that have an upper body wider than the lower body, you can wear short dresses, midi cut dresses or asymmetrical cut.

Plus size jumpsuit

Second possible option:the chic jumpsuit .

Yes, the jumpsuit is ideal for a formal outfit.

You need to find a suit in a light but sufficiently refined material.

Good news, black is now allowed in weddings. To enhance a black look, it will be enough to play with colored accessories.

You can also turn to coloured jumpsuits , like a navy blue jumpsuit (perfect color for a wedding), a powder pink, a coral.

Chic pants for curvy women

Chic and comfortable, palazzo pants are perfect for women with curves.

It is fluid and very light and therefore does not mold the shapes. Worn high waisted, it marks the waist with finesse and lengthens the legs.

Pretty black or navy blue palazzo pants can go with any refined top.

A very simple option when looking for a chic formal outfit for curvy women .

  • The paper-bag pants are also very sophisticated with their gathered waist!
  • Straight tuxedo pants can also suit your body type.

The plus size set for a wedding:the ideal outfit

If there is a chic outfit par excellence, it's the plus size tunic pants set for a wedding .

Forget the black color and its workwear spirit right away , no question of looking like you're going to a work meeting for a festive ceremony. No, on the contrary, it is not because we have shapes that we cannot dare to use color.

A peach pink and white ensemble will be particularly beautiful and will have the advantage of remaining discreet.

How do I find a plus size set?

You have several cool options for creating a chic ensemble:

  • trousers + tunic
  • trouser suit + blouse
  • tailored skirt + blouse

Whatever your outfit, heels are essential to refine the silhouette . If you're not comfortable perched high, just wear thin heeled shoes.

Mistakes to avoid when choosing a plus size outfit for a wedding

  • Forget tops with thin straps and too short sleeves. Opt instead for tops with 3/4 or slightly dolman sleeves.
  • Beware of outfits that do not highlight any part of the body… Do you have large breasts? Opt for a wrap neckline!
  • Forget outfits with flashy prints. Better to bet on small prints (small flowers, peas etc).