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8 jumpsuits to wear to a wedding

Are you invited to a wedding soon and haven't chosen your outfit yet? Why not get out of your comfort zone by wearing a jumpsuit chic instead of the traditionalevening dress ?

The suit for a wedding with the advantage of being chic, feminine and comfortable. There are multitudes of them, from the very dressy jumpsuit with a plunging open back to the draped jumpsuit for a princess look.

Is this outfit suitable for all body types? How to wear the jumpsuit for a wedding ? Which combination to choose for a wedding ? Discover 8 models of ultra-trendy jumpsuits this year.

The jumpsuit for which morphology?

Contrary to what one might think, the suit suits most silhouettes. There are many different cuts and materials. From the fluid and light cut to the very structured and close-fitting cut, you will inevitably find a model that is made for you.

The combination for rounds ? If you have curves, wearing a jumpsuit can be very flattering for your figure. In order to appear more slender, it will be necessary to choose it in a fluid material and monochrome tones and to wear it with high heels. Emphasize your neckline by opting for a jumpsuit with a V-neckline.

If you're petite, jumpsuits are a great choice paired with heels and a high bun. They will make you feel taller. You can choose a short lace jumpsuit for example, preferably with bare shoulders or thin straps.

If you are tall, the trousers jumpsuit is made for you and you can even afford to wear it with flat shoes.

What combination for a wedding?

The asymmetrical jumpsuit

The asymmetrical jumpsuit is very trendy this year. Perfect for small breasts, it brings a touch of elegance thanks to its bare shoulder. It often has a draped part which makes it perfect for an evening outfit or a wedding guest outfit.

The long-sleeved jumpsuit

Attending a wedding in October is always a source of anxiety when choosing your outfit. Will I be cold? How do I dress? Many practical questions are added to the desire to find the perfect outfit.

You will find many very chic long-sleeved jumpsuits to go to a ceremony (the perfect option for a winter wedding outfit). Of course, always wear your jumpsuit with heels and if possible open shoes. For a feminine and glamorous look, choose a long-sleeved jumpsuit with a beautiful V neckline.

The cape jumpsuit

The cape wedding jumpsuit is very sophisticated. This year, the cape is one of the key trends of the season. We've seen it a lot on coats.

The cape immediately gives a very dressy look as if you had enriched your outfit with a chic coat or jacket.

The floral jumpsuit

We're getting tired of seeing flowers everywhere. Trendy print of the year, in summer and winter, flowers bring romance to any outfit. It is therefore an excellent choice to dress for a formal ceremony.

If you are looking for a combination for a country wedding , you can choose the floral print that will be perfect for the occasion.

The suspender jumpsuit

Wearing a Jumpsuit to a Summer Wedding is a great option. It must be light and comfortable to wear while being elegant for the occasion. Choose a jumpsuit with spaghetti straps with a nice drape on the waist or a nice neckline. You have a thousand and one possible options because it is a very trendy cut this year.

We always wear it with heels and some refined jewelry to enhance your outfit.

The bustier jumpsuit

The perfect alternative to the elegant strapless dress, the strapless jumpsuit is ultra feminine. It is very suitable for women with small chests and/or not very broad shoulders.

For a wedding, you can opt for a pretty powder pink jumpsuit for example.

The red jumpsuit

The color red is very bold and very feminine. Red is the color of love, so you'll be right in the theme. You can wear this suit for a civil wedding or a church wedding.

Go for a slightly flowy cut instead and don't wear a jumpsuit that's too tight. Your red should be sophisticated and not vulgar!

The backless jumpsuit

Just like the backless dress, the backless jumpsuit is particularly appropriate for a formal event such as a wedding.

When you think of a halter top, you immediately imagine having your back entirely in the open air, but there are different cuts of more or less bare halter tops. Opt for a structured open back that lets your skin appear with femininity.

If you are a little afraid of not feeling comfortable, choose a black jumpsuit with a pretty bare back.

In summary:

The jumpsuit is the perfect alternative to the traditional dress to go to a wedding. It is an ultra feminine and chic piece that immediately gives a lot of allure. Here are some tips for choosing your women's jumpsuit for a wedding :

  • If you're petite, go for a jumpsuit.
  • If you are plump, wear a flowing jumpsuit with a V-neckline in neutral tones such as navy blue.
  • Always wear your wedding jumpsuit with high heels unless you are tall.
  • For a country wedding, you can wear an elegant jumpsuit with a floral print.
  • For a chic wedding, dare the cape jumpsuit or the open back jumpsuit.
  • Be sure to choose discreet accessories and make your jumpsuit the star piece of your outfit.
  • If you have chosen a black jumpsuit, you can opt for more colorful accessories.