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How to wear white pants?

The white pants has a bad reputation! Messy, see-through, hard to match, it's often "blacklisted" from our dressing room for the wrong reasons. However, wearing white pants is very elegant in both summer and winter.

Fashion bloggers have understood this well and have made it a basic piece for chic and trendy looks.

How to wear white pants for a successful look? What colors to associate with it? How to choose your white pants?

All our answers in this article!

How to wear white pants?

Which cut to choose?

Choose a modern cut for a successful look! This year the cuts are varied:flare, boyfriend, wide, fluid. There are a multitude of cuts for your white pants.

Well-chosen, your white pants may be the fashion piece you needed to create a chic and trendy look.

What to wear under white pants?

This is a question that comes up often and makes white pants so difficult for some people.

Frightened by the transparency of the color white, some women don't dare to take the plunge, because they don't know what to put under their pants.

First (even if it goes without saying!), remember to put invisible briefs under your pants (flesh color or white).

Also choose your white pants according to your morphology. Take a fitted cut and leave aside cuts that are too tight which would highlight the flaws.

What shoes with white pants?

The choice of your shoes will mostly depend on your overall look and the style of pants you have chosen. For a casual look, you can wear sneakers.

The large white pants are very chic with heels or wedges to lengthen the silhouette. The slim, on the other hand, will be more urban worn with a nice pair of sneakers.

Going for heels does not necessarily mean wearing pumps! If you have chosen a suit and you want a chic look for an evening then yes the pumps are a must. On the other hand, you can also choose to wear your pants with block heels, Cuban heels or low heels.

What color shoes with white pants?

Although it is tempting and easy, we advise you to leave your black shoes aside. White will be so much more chic with neutral colors like grey, camel, taupe, beige etc.

What top should I wear with my white pants?

The advantage of the white color is that it will easily match other colors, whether bright or dark, plain or printed. You will therefore hardly be able to make a "fashion faux pas" by associating colors with white.

Everything will depend on the style of your looks. But be aware that nude tones are particularly refined with white :cream, beige, ivory, brown etc. Blue also goes very well with white, especially for office looks.

What jacket with white pants?

  • For a sophisticated look, you can adopt the total white look by choosing to wear a white jacket. To achieve a successful look, you must choose a suit set and whites of the same tones.
  • For a casual look, the denim jacket goes quite well with white. This year, to be on trend, you can choose to wear an oversized denim jacket with your white jeans.
  • For a casual chic look, be aware that the trench coat goes very well with white trousers.

How to wear white pants in winter?

Despite popular belief, wear white pants in winter is no more complicated than in summer. Fashion bloggers are particularly successful in this exercise by adopting white trousers as a basic for soft and refined winter looks.

In winter, opt for a warm material like jeans and combine it with neutral and warm colors like beige or brown.

For your winter looks, it is important to choose pieces in solid tones to bring elegance to your outfit.

5 trendy looks to wear with your white pants

Elegant with flowing trousers

This year, the palazzo pants are very trendy.

These high-waisted pants are not only ultra-comfortable, but also refined. Choose fluid white pants is therefore an excellent choice for a trendy and chic contemporary outfit.

Chic in a white suit

If you are looking for a chic outfit with white pants, you can try the white tailored pants as a single piece or as a total costume look.

This style of outfit is really very sophisticated if you handle the port of the suit and the choice of its accessories well.

Chic minimalist in total white look

The total white look is very chic. We all have in mind the "white parties" of Saint Tropez and the chic outfits for this type of evening.

Go for a cold, pure and elegant white rather than a cream or beige shade which is better suited for a casual look.

Casual with slim women's white pants

The traditional slim fit is also very pretty for a casual look. Combined with neutral basics and sneakers, you will have a perfect streetwear look full of elegance.

Trend with white flare jeans

For fall and winter or for your cool summer evenings, you can opt for white jeans flare cut. You will immediately get a retro look with a very modern touch!

In summary:

White pants are a key piece in women's ready-to-wear collections, whether in summer or winter. To avoid the inconveniences associated with the color white (particularly transparency), here is how to choose your white pants :

  • Choose thicker materials like white jeans or cotton, but avoid linen.
  • Forget about too tight stretch cuts.
  • Opt for trendy cuts:a palazzo, high-waisted white trousers , tailored trousers etc.

Pair your pants with basics and nude colors like beige, cream, ivory etc.