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How to wear 7/8th pants with style?

If there is a trouser that sublimates the silhouette of women with elegance, it is the 7/8th trouser . With a nameless femininity, it reveals the ankles with finesse and can be worn on all occasions. It is a timeless item that can be worn in summer as well as in winter.

The 7/8 pants offers a multitude of choices in terms of clothing. From casual to chic style, it is an ally of choice to lengthen the silhouette.

How to wear the 7/8th pants in style ? What shoes to wear with 7/8th pants ? My beloved clothes decodes the trend to help you find the perfect style.

What are 7/8 pants?

The7/8th pants are pants that can be recognized by the length of their legs. They are shorter than classic trousers and stop slightly above the ankles (about 5cm above).

There are different cuts:slim cut, cigarette cut, carrot cut, flare cut or straight cut. They are often high-waisted, but there are also low-rise ones.

What morphology for the 7/8th pants?

The advantage with this cut of pants is that the 7/8th pants are very flattering for most morphologies .

  • If you are plump, the 7/8 pants are perfect for you. Choose it high waisted in dark colors (black, gray or navy blue). Wear it with heels to slim down your legs. A cut that's not too slim...Prefer straight cuts or flared cuts and light fabrics. Exit too thick jeans that would weigh down the thighs.
  • If you are petite, opting for 7/8 pants is an excellent choice because they will elegantly enhance your figure. You definitely need to opt for heels to maximize the long leg effect. If possible, wear high-waisted 7/8 pants .
  • If you are tall, you can wear the 7/8th pants without any problem. All the cuts will look great on you, especially the 7/8th jeans.

How to wear the 7/8th pants?

What top with 7/8th pants?

Mix genres to get a trendy look. For example, if you have chosen 7/8th denim pants , you can either decide to wear a white blouse or shirt to upgrade your look or a basic white t-shirt for a casual style.

7/8th flare pants are great for creating slightly retro looks.

  • Dare a top with prints if your pants are solid colors.
  • Always try to find the right dosage.
  • On the jacket side, blazers and chic jackets go very well with this cut of pants.
  • Black blazer, marked shoulder pads, fitted cuts etc…

What shoes with 7/8th pants?

All shoes go with this type of pants. Depending on the style you want to achieve, you can wear loafers, derbies, sneakers, ankle boots and high heels.

The ideal, if you want to refine your silhouette, is to opt for heels with your 7/8th pants .

Avoid sandals with straps that would break the length of the pants and leave your ankles exposed. This is the charm of these pretty feminine pants!

How to wear 7/8 pants in summer?

These are the perfect pants for summer. It is less warm than high trousers and it discreetly reveals the ankles. A pair of sandals or heels, and you're done.

For a summer look, choose white 7/8 pants or in a pastel color! The nude tones are also very chic and easy to combine. Wear it with an off-the-shoulder top for an on-trend look.

How to wear 7/8 pants in winter?

Wear 7/8 pants in winter , it's possible. Just do it with taste!

It couldn't be simpler. As the ankles need to be covered, you are going to choose a 100% trendy look by combining your 7/8th trousers with small dress shoes and visible socks.

You can also choose short ankle boots with high-waisted pants, for example. If your pants are rather slim, they will go perfectly well in mid-ankle low-boots.

In winter, we opt for warm materials (7/8th pants in tweed , leather or jeans).

What style with 7/8th pants?

For a chic look

To sport an elegant look with 7/8th trousers, we opt without hesitation for 7/8th pleated trousers .

Tuxedo version or evening pants , this type of cut will give an elegant look to your outfits.

You can also choose paper bag trousers that you will wear with ankle boots and a sweater or blouse with shoulder pads.

For a casual look

For a casual look, opt for 7/8 jeans or skinny jeans. Light fabric, flat shoes, casual t-shirt, just juxtapose trendy pieces with a casual style.

You can create a nice casual chic look by pairing your 7/8th pants with sneakers . Black pleated trousers and white sneakers for example.

For a rock look

These are the perfect pants if you like the rock style! For this, choose a 7/8th leather pants that you will wear with sneakers or heels if you want to feminize your look.

A fitted black t-shirt and blazer jacket, a black lace top with spaghetti straps for a total black look or even a rock t-shirt for a real grunge version. You have a multitude of possibilities!

In summary:

  • 7/8th pants slim the silhouette when worn with high heels.
  • It is suitable for all body types.
  • For a chic look, opt for black 7/8 trousers with darts.
  • For a casual look, choose linen 7/8 pants or jeans.
  • For a rock look, take out the little 7/8 leather pants.