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The barrette:the fashion accessory of the moment

The barrette has been making a comeback in the world of hairdressing since last year. This accessory had disappeared from radar screens for nearly a decade and had been replaced by the famous crocodile clips that blend into your hair for a discreet result. Today and to our delight, hair clips are back in fashion, more showy than ever ! Our tips for wearing them in style.

Which bar to choose?

You have surely noticed if you read the women's magazines or watch television that barrettes have come back into fashion, but they are not just any old barrettes . Today we want showy barrettes with messages, pearls or sparkles. We can say that every woman can find and display the barrette that corresponds to her . What's great is that you can easily find pretty ones and above all without breaking the bank.

1. Pearl hair clips

Barettes with pearls recall the elegant style of the previous century. They give a chic and sophisticated look to any hairstyle and go well with any outfit. They also go well with the big comeback of beaded necklaces and earrings. The hair clip will nevertheless be much more modern and versatile than the pearl necklace!

We recommend pearl barrettes if you want your hairstyle to be pimped with a very showy accessory and which constitutes a real jewel in the same way as a necklace. If you simply want to embellish your hairstyle in a more discreet way, we recommend the square or rectangular pearl barrettes which you can, if you have nimble fingers, try to DIY.

2. Square or rectangular barrettes

Square and rectangular barrettes have been more present in recent years and have a double advantage. First, they also bring chic and elegance to all your hairstyles. Secondly, they can completely replace your elastic and enough to tie all your hair in a low ponytail . These barrettes are real Swiss Army knives because they can be placed anywhere on the head and are strong enough to tie up hair.

3. Message strips

For a more childish and cheerful look or simply for a cooler look , we recommend that you wear a word barrette . Yes, No, Girl Boss, Sweet etc…

You will find it in many stores and at very low prices. These barrettes can be worn with all hairstyles and are widespread.

A little tip for choosing your barrette :don't forget to match your hair clip with the jewelry that you usually wear. For example, if you are a lover of pearl necklaces, we advise you to wear pearl barrettes. Care must be taken that the bar does not clash with your jewellery.

How to wear barrettes in style?

You can achieve many different hairstyles with your barrette and especially adopt all styles . From the fuzzy bun accessorized to loose hair, the barrette adapts to all styles and all hair types. Here are some examples of hairstyles that we have found for you.

The low ponytail

For a style that is both elegant and casual, we recommend the low ponytail with a bar on the side é. This hairstyle has its effect and can be worn both daily and for events. Top? It is very simple to make and does not require more time than a simple ponytail.

The bun or the high ponytail

If you are used to wearing your hair up , we advise you to make a high bun why not surrounded by a bandana and to use your bar to tie the hair of the neck that tend to slip out of the elastic. The advantage of this hairstyle is that the barrettes are very discreet since they are at the back of the head but still give a sophisticated look.

The side-hair

If the side-hair is a very simple and elegant hairstyle , the fact of adding a barrette always has its little effect and gives the impression of a very elaborate hairstyle. For this hairstyle, you can use all sizes of barrettes, the large ones will fit well and the small ones will look thinner and more discreet.

Bars accumulated in number

You may remember the fashion that consisted of accumulating jewelry and wearing as much as possible at the same time. You can absolutely relaunch this fashion but with the barrettes by arranging several aligned on your hair. The effect is guaranteed, the accumulation of barrettes is top trend especially with a square cut or medium length hair!

You can actually style your hair the way you want and the way you are used to. Just place your barrette in a place where it will hold well and where it blends well into the hair.