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The hair scarf:the trendy accessory of the moment

Among the most popular fashion accessories of the moment, I name the hair scarf! Practical and aesthetic, the hair scarf is a style accessory which brings character and allows you to style your hair in no time.

We adopt the hair scarf for all kinds of occasions, from a chic evening to going out with friends, it's a real pass everywhere! As it is one of the must-haves of the year, it is available endlessly with all kinds of ultra-trendy prints! Retro hair scarf polka dots, leopard print, stripes etc!

Whether you have short or long hair, here is how to wear a hair scarf this season. How to tie the hair scarf ? What are the trendy hair scarves right now? Mes Habits Chéris tells you everything!

Which scarf for the hair?

There are several forms of hair scarves. From the square shape to the large hair scarf, you will also find some with knots, weavings and various ornaments.

Like hat shapes, certain scarf shapes work better on certain head shapes. Just find the one or ones that make you stand out!

  • If you lack volume in your hair, you can easily wear a hair scarf with a node .
  • If you have long hair, silk scarves are very easy to wrap around buns and ponytails.

How to wear the scarf in the hair?

There are several ways to tie a hair scarf according to your hairstyle and your desires. Here are some very simple examples to make.

Loose hair scarf

A very simple and quick way to style your hair in 30 seconds is simply to wrap a scarf around your head and tie it on the side or behind your head under your hair.

The bun chignon scarf

Second very simple and trendy way to do your hair with a hair scarf :make a chignon bun and wrap your hair scarf around the bun. A quick way to transform your look with a splash of color.

Ponytail scarf

How to go from a simple hairstyle and basic to a stylish hairstyle in 20 seconds?

Make your usual ponytail and wrap a scarf around it that you will let hang on the sides. You can tie your scarf around your elastic for better support.

The turban version scarf

If you are looking for a trendy fashion accessory, turn to the turban scarf . Widely adopted by fashion designers, it was seen a lot on the Fashion Week runways this year.

To wear a turban scarf, you need a large scarf. Just look at a hair scarf tutorial on the internet to quickly become an expert in knotting.

The retro scarf

For a vintage look, take inspiration from retro hairstyles and position your scarf like a headband or pin-up . The hair scarves with a node also have a very old France look perfect for vintage styles.

The ideal is to tie it on the top of the head with loose hair or around a nice bun.

Bohemian chic scarf

For a bohemian chic look, the scarf is the perfect accessory. It brings a touch of romance that goes perfectly with a long, flowing bohemian dress. This year, the great fashion for the bandana print scarf is making a comeback. A top accessory for a gypsy girl look!

Simply tie a knot halfway up the top of your hair and let the wrap hang around it.

Short hair scarf

Short haircuts don't offer many possibilities in terms of hairstyles compared to long hair. On the other hand, a short cut will be very quickly sublimated thanks to head accessories such as the headband or the hair scarf.

You can also wear the scarf with a fringe by positioning it just behind it!

The scarf tied in a braid

If you have long hair, you can wrap your scarf in a braid . A very romantic hairstyle and very easy to achieve!

Our tips for holding a slippery hair scarf

Do you love the scarf trend but nothing to do, you can't manage to tame this trendy accessory? Your hair scarf continually slips on your fine hair and makes your hairstyle impossible?

With silk and sometimes even with fabric, your scarf may slip, that's one of the disadvantages... But don't panic, there are solutions for prevent your hair scarf from slipping!

  • Fix your scarf in your hair with discreet bobby pins.
  • Wrap it up in a hairstyle that will hold the scarf up:braid, ponytail etc.
  • For fine hair:opt for a thick, wide hair scarf that you will position towards the top of the forehead (wool headbands hold much better on fine hair than silk headbands).

In summary:

The hair scarf is a fashion accessory in its own right. Must-have of the season, it colors and brightens up any look with elegance.

  • If you have fine hair, don't choose a silk scarf, but rather wool or a thick, wide-brimmed fabric.
  • To hold a slippery hair scarf, position a few discreet pins or interweave your scarf in a braid, a bun or tie it around a ponytail.
  • For a perfect bohemian look, adopt the hair scarf by wrapping it around a fuzzy tie halfway up and let the ends of the scarf hang down on each side!
  • Opt for modern and colorful prints to up-grade your looks (leopard, stripes, polka dots, tye &dye, the options are endless.