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Hair:zoom on the "copper hair", the most trendy color of the year!

Want a color as sexy as it is flamboyant? It's time to make the Copper Hair red your own! A hair color that adapts to the greatest number and that promises pretty copper highlights on the hair of whoever adopts it. Copper hair technique (which literally means "copper hair") resides in a worked highlight that surrounds the face.

"Copper hair":how to adopt this flamboyant redhead?

Indeed, if the hair base generally remains in a very warm red, the balayage brings light to the hair, but also structure to the face. To avoid looking like a 90s pop star , we ask our hairdresser for light highlights, of course, but which don't go all the way to orange-blonde either (we go for a lighter copper one or two shades below our base).

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