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Mini hippie braids:this vintage and ultra-simple hairstyle is the most trendy of summer 2021!

They have invaded Instagram and are stylish girls on all fronts:mini hippie braids are everywhere this season! Inspired by the signature hairstyle of the iconic actress of the sixties Sharon Tate, these two small braids called "Accent braids in English have the bohemian chic to frame our face and give it a romantic sweetness and a bit hippie.

"Accent braids":here are the most trendy retro mini braids of summer 2021!

Ultra-simple to make , this hairstyle just requires one skill:knowing how to braid! Then you just have to recreate the mini braids you want:one or two, very tight or looser like Margot Robbie… It doesn't matter the shape, as long as you have the mini hippie braids ! And to add extra style to this already very trendy hairstyle for summer 2021, tie a printed scarf over it for a sixties allure .

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