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My hair, summer, the beach and the sea!

It's summer and the luckiest of you are finally going on vacation...
And most likely to the sea! It's up to you to swim, walk, relax on the beach... It's up to you to enjoy the sun, the sea and the swimming pool.

During your vacation, you will mainly think about your skin:protect it from sunburn, moisturize it, keep that nice tan.
And you are right to think about all this, we are never careful enough with our skin. But, that's not the only thing to think about!

Indeed and your hair?

We have to think about it, because we know that our hair suffers a lot during this time of year.

During your holidays, your hair will suffer because of the sun, the sand, the sea and its salt, the swimming pool and the products that its water contains, such as chlorine.
Indeed, the salt + sun combo makes the hair “burn”.

So, it is absolutely necessary to act, upstream and especially during your holidays, to preserve your hair.
The idea is to completely avoid this straw effect of returning from vacation!

If you're planning ahead, you've already prepared them before you leave:hydration, hydration, hydration.
So you have chosen soft and balancing shampoos and applied conditioners and hair masks.
Of course, you haven't forgotten to do a little cure of food supplements like the one offered on your Belle au Naturel shop:the skin appendages + beauty cure for hair and nails from the LMP Health Laboratory.

You can already start applying your Organic Hair Complex, massaging well to allow the active ingredients to penetrate, so as to prepare and protect your hair and scalp before your departure.

To protect your hair, here are several tips:

- Apply a protective oil that you renew after each swim, like your sunscreen.
- You can use a moisturizing cream or spray if you don't like hair oils, for example, your Escale Paradisiaque moisturizing spray from Oxalia will be perfect without forgetting the hair cream Sun and Sea by Jolie, your essential for the 'summer !
- You can also simply use your sunscreen, to counter the effects of UV rays on your hair fiber as well.
- Rinse your hair with clean water before and after swimming. Why before? Simply to reduce “salt absorption”.
- In the evening, it's time to do the care:rinse and every 2/3 days a mild shampoo. Water not enough? Apply conditioner to avoid daily washing.
Apply a mask more regularly.

With all this, your hair should have as good a summer as you. Happy Natural Holidays!

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