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The beach dress:a chic and trendy accessory

Who says beach and fine sand, says swimsuit and sunbathing. While some wait impatiently for the moment to put on a swimsuit, others experience it as a real ordeal.

There is a good way to feel comfortable at the beach:wear a nice beach dress . Not only a beach dress is elegant but it makes you feel more comfortable.

Whether or not you are comfortable with your body, the beach dress is convenient. It gives a chic and sophisticated look. Gone are the days of sarongs, this year to have a trendy playa look , we opt for the beach dress!

Fashion accessory or trompe l'oeil, here is how to choose a trendy beach dress for summer . What are the prettiest beach outfits ?

What is a beach dress?

The beach dress is summer dress light and easy to put on that can be worn on vacation, at the beach or at the pool.

A feminine and chic garment, much more practical than the essential sarong. The advantage of a beach dress is that you can continue to walk down the street without showing your buttocks!

A garment that takes you from the beach to the city in no time. You will have understood it, the chic beach dress is a must-have to take in your holiday suitcase.

Why wear a beach dress?

Because in real life, when you go to the beach, you don't show up in a bathing suit with your bag in your hand, unless you still have 20 years and the body of Kendall Jenner .

No, to stick perfectly to reality, settling down at the beach rhymes with organization, equipment and sometimes even a real ordeal for some who don't particularly appreciate getting undressed immediately.

In short, beyond the complexes that some women might have, the beach dress is also a real fashion accessory . A way to be feminine and elegant even on your beach towel in the shade of a parasol.

It is also very practical as beach wear . Because a day at the beach also rhymes with a walk with your feet in the water, a restaurant by the sea and a short shopping trip in the shopping streets of the port.

A beach outfit perfectly adapted to stay chic in all circumstances.

And what's more, it's a fashionable accessory that you see everywhere, so why deprive yourself of it?

What trendy beach dresses?


In terms of material, of course, it is better to go for a light and fluid dress .

You will be much cooler and it will be more comfortable to wear during the hot summer weather.

For a bohemian chic beach look , turn to models of lace beach dresses , chiffon, crochet or embroidery. Certainly, these are very refined materials to go to the beach but fortunately for you, it is the gypset trend this summer. Hippie chic fashion that perfectly blends bohemian style and chic style.

Pair it with a few trendy accessories like pretty hoops or a shell foot bracelet and you'll have just the thing!

The style

In terms of style, the trend is for the long and floaty dress . We don't hesitate to take ourselves for a princess by opting for a long flowing dress that twirls in the wind. Hat and sunglasses, and you're ready for the day.

If you are looking for an ultra-feminine outfit, the long white dress is perfect for a beach outfit. Bohemian and feminine spirit, the long white dress is a hit with all women this summer. With thin straps or bare shoulders, there is something for everyone.

  • For a bohemian style, the crochet dress is just perfect. Short and asymmetrical, you can wear it elegantly on one shoulder.
  • For a chic style, play the neo-bourgeois card with a sublime kimono dress .
  • If you are more comfortable in short dresses, go for trendy cuts such as a small, light wrap dress with a floral print, for example. Bet on comfort by opting for a cut that is not too close to the body.

Pastel colors are fashionable. Yes to tye &dye, nude, cream, animal prints...

To break the chic spirit of your beach dress while remaining falsely casual, opt for a summer accessory such as a boater, straw hat, crochet bag, wicker basket, etc.

It's the mix of this casual chic style that will make your beach look so successful. .

Mistakes not to make when choosing your beach dress:

  • Avoid synthetic materials that are excessively hot on the beach.
  • Don't choose colors that are too flashy. Prefer light colors.
  • Beware of the total look swimsuit and beach dress matched, it is better to play the card of elegance without making a mistake in taste.
  • No question of wearing heels with your beach dress. It goes without saying, but wedges at the beach are too much . Tie sandals or beach flip flops will go very well for the occasion. Nothing prevents you from carrying a more chic pair in your bag.