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Back to school 2020-2021:5 shoe trends you'll love!

The end of the holidays is fast approaching, and with it, the first frosts of autumn. It's (almost) time to put away your Spartans and give yourself a well-deserved back-to-school gift:one (or more) pair(s) of ultra-trendy shoes! We take stock of the 5 shoe trends for the start of the 2020 season !

1. Chic and androgynous:moccasins and mules dominate

The moccasin is not, strictly speaking, a novelty for the start of the school year, nor the mule for that matter, but these two shoes, taken from the men's wardrobe, are gaining ground this fall and

t are found absolutely everywhere. For the moccasins , we recommend a looped version , ultra-chic, which will go perfectly with a trouser suit, THE trend outfit back to school.

About the mules , bet on a small square heel and an almond or pointed toe to be on top. They will be lovely with a long floral dress for the weekend and with straight pants for the office, we spotted some adorable ones on the La Bonne Pointure website. On the other hand, avoid the mules + socks or tights combo, it is a shoe that can be worn barefoot!

2.A preppy wave is breaking at the start of the school year

Here's something to awaken the Blair Waldorf that hides in you! The preppy trend is everywhere at the start of the school year, and especially at our feet:Derbies and babies are back on the fashion scene after spending a few seasons in the closet. To be on top, we choose a modern model, patent and/or preferably with a platform (the platform is also one of the shoe trends for the start of the school year , we talk about it right after). In terms of looks, we associate derbies or babies with a total preppy look , with a pleated skirt and fancy socks! If you want pretty babies but in a slightly less girly style, don't hesitate to wear them with pleated jeans and a silk blouse, a feminine, elegant and very trendy workwear ensemble.

3.Let's talk about heels

This season’s heels will either be futuristic or they won’t ! We forget the stiletto and the simple square heel and we love geometric heel shoes , arched or squarely pyramidal. So yes, they seem to defy the laws of gravity but we promise, we can walk with them! On pumps, ankle boots or even boots, the geometric heel is an autumn-winter must-have . Another fashionable heel, the platform , and fear not:the bigger, the better! Be careful though, the platform, although very stylish, is not easy to wear:it tends to weigh down the silhouette and can even give a "paved" effect to your shoe, so be sure to adapt the size from the platform to your morphology .


Dear basketball lovers, don't worry, it will always be a must-have this season, with some very nice new additions. We still really love the dad shoes color block , which we choose preferably in soft and pastel shades, to stay trendy and soften a little the massive silhouette of this "ugly shoe », and that we wear with a dress or a skirt for a very feminine casual-chic outfit. But what we love above all this fall is futuristic sneakers :oversized, padded, high, notched soles... Sneakers allow themselves all the eccentricities this fall , and we love the result.

5.Boots and boots:which models to shop?

Nothing is more wintry than a pair of leather boots or ankle boots, it's a bit of a gladiator for the cold season, and 2019-2020 is no exception. The great classics of the style are always chic and you can quietly bring out your chelsea boots, riding boots and other low boots. That said, if you want something new, we advise you to invest in a nice pair of waders, which will clearly be THE boot of this year. Bet on a sock model that goes up very high (mid-thighs), in soft leather or suede, with a flat or medium heel (we avoid vertiginous heels to stay chic in waders). For those who prefer to stay on a more classic boot, we advise you to dare the tapestry print boot , the new darling of fashionistas. The motif is self-sufficient, we wear the tapestry boot with a sober outfit moreover:raw slim jeans and blouse, little black dress, skirt suit, etc. Finally, ankle boots are slowly but surely abandoning chains and other glam-rock studs in favor of pearls and other precious stones for a resolutely chic look, a bit preppy, we love it.