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The best for back to school

I don't know about you, but for my part, I remained very academic.
That is to say, for me, the year begins in September and not in January. So it's often a bit of a "reset", and even more so this year with these hot summer months during which I was more often in "I don't care mode" and dressed in yoga, than in "I'm the most beautiful" mode. Of course, we are always the most beautiful, and that's normal.

But taking care of yourself to be even more so, it feels good, it boosts and it motivates to start this new year of work (or not!)
Back to school also means Autumn is coming, and this is to be taken into account in our care.
It will unfortunately be uglier, but we want to keep beautiful summer skin!

Beautiful skin is healthy skin, and therefore we do not skip cleaning.
So much the better, because Belle au Naturel's back-to-school box offers us a facial cleanser from Oolution! We rid the epidermis of impurities, pollution, make-up... Accumulated during the day, without drying it out, and we find clean skin.

We focus on vitamin care and "radiance" products, such as the organic face mask from Guérande Cosmetics, which is applied once a week in a thick layer and left on for ten minutes, for fresh skin. and bright!
We find our eye contour treatment to eliminate possible small dark circles or bags from the difficult recovery of rhythm, such as the Oolution treatment, and that's good since we are already using the cleansing product!

We apply our day cream, like Abellie's organic face cream. Hydrating, anti-aging and firming, it has everything to please us this September.
We think of massaging the face by applying the cream to activate blood circulation and give a boost to the skin of our face, helped by the green tea contained in the cream!

We also think about our hair, and to avoid the fall that depresses us in the fall, we strengthen it with borage capsules and take care of it with an oil like Argan oil from Kaé!
We continue the body scrubs of the summer to keep a nice tanned skin, and we hydrate well to prevent damage due to future temperature drops.

All that's left is to put on make-up, and since it's autumn, we're putting everything on autumnal shades!
For our mouth, a Boho Mat lipstick, Tapis Rouge, with an intense color and adapted to this month of September.

For the eyes, we put everything on elegance with the Make Up Brun flash kit from Couleur Caramel without forgetting to take care of your eyebrows with the "Regard Parfait" kit from the same brand! Mascara, for pretty eyelashes and here is a doe look!

We do not force too much on the eyes if we have applied the lipstick, but nothing prevents us from bringing a little light and highlighting our look and our pretty skin with the Studio 78 Paris illuminating powder by depositing in the inner corner of the eye.

And now, you are the most beautiful!

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