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Do you dream of a perfect mouth?

A flawless applied lipstick is so glamorous and so feminine that I'm going to give you all the rules to follow to apply your lipstick without smudging.

1 - Good hydration

The first thing to do is to have perfectly smooth and well hydrated lips. Apply a layer of moisturizing balm and pinch your lips several times to activate microcirculation. Purse your lips in a tissue to remove the excess.

2 - Drawing the lips

If you want your mouth to be perfectly drawn, you need a lip liner. Choose it the same color as your lipstick. Choose a fairly creamy pencil.

The drawing of the lips is the step that requires the most time. We start with the center of the mouth and we draw lots of small lines that we then connect. Once your upper lip is done, you can move on to the lower lip in the same way:start with the curve in the center, then join the outer corners.

You can then pencil the inside of your lips so that the lipstick sticks and the color of the pencil blends well with that of the lipstick.

3 - Filling

Once the contour is done, move on to lipstick:you can apply it with a brush or directly with a stick. All this and apply your lipstick precisely over the entire surface of your lips.
Then pinch your lips and slide them over each other to evenly distribute the material. Bite into a tissue and repeat the process.

4 - Small finishes

Finally, take your pencil to perfect the contour and "erase" the imperfections:the lead of the pencil blends with the texture of the lipstick.

If you've lined your lips and applied several coats of lipstick, biting into a tissue between each, your color should last quite a while. However, if it still tends to leave, apply an extra base before your pencil...

You now know all our little secrets for a glamorous mouth!


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