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A bite to eat for the holidays

Christmas tree in place, Christmas music in the lead... the end of year celebrations are fast approaching! Already have your outfit? It's perfect, it only remains to find the make-up. For a party look, displaying a beautiful hydrated and colored mouth is a must. Discover Veld's tips to enhance your mouth!

Taking care of your lips:the secret to a chewable mouth

The secret to a beautiful, luscious and sensual mouth is above all the care you give it. The mouth area is particularly fragile, and it must be pampered. In cold weather, and especially at the end of the year, the lips tend to be dry, to crack, even to peel.

Nothing very sensual in very dry lips! During the cold season, keep a moisturizing and nourishing lip balm in your handbag . Put it at least twice a day, and when the need arises. Before going to bed, use a richer formula to help your mouth regenerate overnight.

Once a week, you can also do a lip scrub , to eliminate all dead skin, regain a beautiful texture, and plump up the mouth. You can find scrubs in pharmacies, or make your own, with honey and brown sugar. At the same time, the use of the Age Commando lip volumizer guarantees you a beautiful full mouth!

Finally, to highlight your mouth, also think about the outline of the mouth. When we smile, when we talk, when we grimace, the skin around the lips is put to the test. Thus, it is one of the first areas of the face that has wrinkles. To hydrate this area well and smooth out wrinkles, you can use our Eye Magic contour!

How to make up your mouth?

There are a myriad of possibilities to make up your mouth in style. Be careful though, for a successful make-up, here are some imperatives to respect:

  • Makeup should suit your body type. We don't make up a luscious mouth like we make up thin or droopy lips.
  • The shade of lipstick or gloss should respect your skin tone. Not all colors suit us the same way, and we don't want a lipstick that makes us look gray!
  • The choice of make-up for the mouth must match the make-up for the eyes:either one is loaded or the other is loaded. Intense smoky-eyes with flash red lipstick can quickly popularize a look.

Red mouth makeup:a fatal and timeless mouth

Classic, timeless, and yet still as effective:the red mouth is devastating! In addition, red lipstick goes with any outfit. For a perfect rendering, remember to draw the outline of the mouth with a red pencil of the same shade as your lipstick, before applying the lipstick, taking care not to exceed. This step is essential for a clean finish, and to avoid the Joker look.

The red mouth, who is it for? For those who want a sensual look, without being too much . The bright red goes particularly to those who have a tanned or matte complexion. For those with fair skin, bet on a slightly orange red.

The elegance of nude with natural mouth makeup

To make up your mouth “without looking like it”, nude lipstick is ideal. It immediately brings an elegant touch to the look, and leaves room to work on eye makeup. To find the perfect shade, do not hesitate to seek advice from a make-up store:for your nude lips to be successful and really look natural, the shade must absolutely be harmonious with your complexion .

The natural mouth, who is it for? Nude is perfect for fans of "French elegance":beautiful, without overdoing it! Above all, it is ideal for making up a thin mouth . When colors that are too flashy or too dark tend to narrow the mouth, nude gives it volume.

To do this, use a nude lipstick in pencil, and go over a little by drawing the outer contour of the mouth. Color the lip and then apply a shiny gloss on it. Volume effect guaranteed!

The colorful mouth to mark the spirits

Do you want to bet everything on a colorful and pop mouth? Good idea, the pronounced colors are very trendy this season. To be even more on trend, feel free to use a matte lipstick, for a sophisticated finish . You can also make a bitten mouth effect, by applying a lipstick one shade lighter on the outside of the lips, and a brighter color in the center.

Pop mouth, who is it for? For the daring! The warm shades such as fuchsia, orange-red, or apricot pink, are perfect for fair skin . The cold shades such as plum, mauve, or burgundy, will be better suited to matte and black skin .