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Make-up removal with oil:instructions for use

Say goodbye to make-up remover milks or micellar waters:make-up remover oil is the super effective solution for getting rid of stubborn make-up, while respecting your skin. What are these benefits? How to remove makeup with oil? Which oil for which type of skin? Focus on a product that will become essential in your beauty routine.

What are the benefits of cleansing oil?

Removing your make-up and eliminating the day's impurities accumulated on your skin (pollution, dead skin, dust, perspiration, etc.) is essential; it is no longer to be demonstrated. On the other hand, are you still cautious about using a cleansing oil in your beauty routine? If its oily texture may surprise, it actually has many benefits for the skin!

The oil removes makeup very effectively. No need to rub or press, just let the oil work and rinse . If you use waterproof make-up, you've probably already used a two-phase make-up remover:they are precisely formulated with oil to allow them to remove the most stubborn mascaras and lipsticks!

Thanks to this effectiveness, the cleansing oil allows gentle make-up removal, without irritating the skin . This is another of its major advantages:it is suitable for all skin types, even the most reactive, because it respects the skin tissue. Better still, it reinforces the hydrolipidic film of the skin:this film, composed of half water and lipids, protects our skin from external aggressions and preserves the natural hydration of the epidermis.

Thus, make-up remover oil is ideal for seasonal changes , when the skin tends to be dry, to help it get through this bad moment! Of course, used all year round, the results will be even better.

Finally, depending on the oil used, you can also benefit from targeted actions . Some oils help regulate oily skin, others soothe sensitive skin, or reduce the signs of aging on mature skin.

Which cleansing oil for which skin type?

Depending on your skin type and its needs, you have to choose the oil that suits you best. But stop misconceptions! Even combination or oily skin can use a cleansing oil , and enjoy its benefits! There are different textures:rich, light, nourishing, and each oil has its own properties:

Marula oil, rich in vitamins and antioxidants, drains and softens the skin:recommended for all skin types, especially mature skin thanks to its anti-aging action:

  • Jojoba oil has a light texture, it balances and softens the skin:ideal for oily skin
  • Argan oil and avocado oil nourish and repair the skin:recommended for dry and sensitive skin
  • Castor oil is known to strengthen keratin and thus promote the growth of hair, eyelashes and nails:recommended for gently removing eye make-up.

If you use a vegetable oil to remove your makeup, be careful with comedogenic oils! Some very greasy oils, such as coconut oil, cause pimples and blackheads on the face.

How to remove make-up with an oil?

There is nothing simpler and faster than oil make-up removal ! Ideally, do not use a cotton pad which catches the material, nor a sponge which would absorb the oil (or moisten it a little with lukewarm water beforehand). The best technique is to put a dab or two of cleansing oil on his fingers, then fully massage his face and neck – don't forget him too! If your neck is not made up, it suffers just as much as your face from the micro-aggressions of the day.

It is not recommended to rub or to make too abrupt or rapid movements:the oil knows how to do its job very gently. Simply massage in with your fingertips, and if you have stubborn makeup, leave on for 30 seconds.