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Style tips for the holidays

The holidays are just around the corner, which means:good food and many festive occasions. This of course includes a festive look. It can sometimes be difficult to create these, so we have listed some tips with which we can help you. The holidays are all about standing out, so go wild!

1. Clothes
It's the season to shine, so you can go wild with clothes that you might not normally wear. Think of a beautiful cocktail dress or a skirt with sequins, sequins or glitter or a glittering pair of shoes. But be careful that it doesn't get too much of a good thing, after all, you don't want to look like a Christmas tree. Also, add some color to your look to make it look extra festive. Since you will be going outside and it will probably be cold, a chic coat is a must. Make sure to choose one that matches your outfit perfectly.

2. Underwear
In addition to your clothes, your underwear should also look good, although no one (except your partner) will see it. But it does make you feel more sexy! Wear a nice set of lingerie that, if necessary, has a corrective effect.

2. Jewelry
During the holidays you often see striking, large jewelry that makes a statement. And you can if the rest of your look is simple. If you choose to wear sparkly clothes, it's best to keep your jewelry less conspicuous, and go for a sophisticated look, such as this Mi Moneda Necklace and Mi Moneda bracelet. You are always good with that.

Style tips for the holidays

3. Haircut
You can also go all out with your hair during the holidays. Experiment with different hairstyles beforehand so that you know exactly how to do it on the day. Think of updo hair, a nice bun or a high ponytail. In any case, make sure that your hair is different from normal.

4. Makeup
Try a bold, festive beauty look this holiday season. Think smokey eyes, bold red lips, golden eyeshadow or glitter makeup. We all know these looks are definitely not for everyday wear, so it's nice to try something a little more challenging than you normally would.