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How to plump up your lips?

A beautiful luscious mouth, with plump, hydrated and colored lips:this is what you dream of! And yes, a sublimated mouth makes all the difference and brings a sensual touch to any look. How to plump up your lips? How to take care of it on a daily basis? Discover our easy tips for having luscious lips!

How to take good care of your lips?

And yes, even before plumping up your lips, you have to take care of them! The contour of the mouth and the mouth itself are fragile areas of the face, which bear the brunt of changes in temperature, humidity or pollution.

Every day, pamper your lips! During your morning and evening beauty routine, apply a moisturizing balm on your mouth. Once a week, opt for a exfoliating and moisturizing mask . To do this, nothing could be simpler:mix three spoons of honey with brown sugar. Apply to your lips and leave on for 5 minutes. Then massage gently to remove dead skin and rinse. Your mouth is hydrated and rid of dead skin!

For a chewable mouth , do not forget to take care of the contour of the mouth:with age, expression lines tend to settle there quickly. At Veld's, our Eye Magic eye contour treatments can also be applied to the lip contour, to hydrate the area and eliminate wrinkles.

Plump up your lips:hyaluronic acid without injection

Hyaluronic acid is a molecule naturally present in our body. It has surprising benefits, it is also the most hydrating molecule in the human body! However, over time, our production of hyaluronic acid decreases , which explains the loss of volume and elasticity of the skin.

When used on the mouth, Hyaluronic Acid provides long-lasting hydration and plumps lips . If injections are a very effective method, it can be scary and have its share of side effects. At Veld's, we use hyaluronic acid in our Age Commando Lip Plumper. It intensely moisturizes the lips, reduces wrinkles around the mouth, and guarantees plumped lips in a single gesture!

How to make your lips bigger:our make-up tips

Among the easy tips for having luscious lips , make-up is in a good position! If, despite all the care given to your lips, you find them too thin, make-up allows you to plump up your lips by cheating a little.

After applying a moisturizing balm, draw the outline of your mouth with a pencil. You can use a pencil of the same shade as your mouth, or the same shade as the lipstick you will apply next. When you draw the outline, practice the "overline" technique:voluntarily go over and draw the outer outline of the mouth (on the skin and not on the lips).

This allows you to give the illusion of thicker lips. Then apply a gloss (ideal for adding volume) or your lipstick. Opt for glossy rather than matte lipsticks:the reflections will give the sensation of fuller lips.

Another technique:you can bet on the bitten mouth effect , using two lipsticks of the same shade, one darker and one lighter. Apply the lighter one on the inside of the lips, and the darker one on the outside. This color gradient is ideal to give volume to your mouth!