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Hair care – How to pamper your hair?

This year 2020 has put a strain on our habits of going to the hairdresser. Adapt between confinement and deconfinement to keep a trendy and pleasant cut; this is the challenge of this season. Although I am a fan ofhair care , I used tricks to maintain my hairstyle. To do this, I did my shopping on the site Tissage Brésil enough to unearth everything my hair loves!

Hair care – How to pamper your hair?
Hair Care – What to Remember

The decision to cut your hair is often a source of anxiety, especially when you don't have professional equipment at home. But Covid-19 forced, many of us had to do our hair at home. Hair care, coloring, straightening :the desire for shades or the need to change your look quickly makes you forget the temporary closure of hairdressing salons.

About me, I decided that this year my cut would be long, with a smooth or wavy style effect. Not to mention a few shades of brown for a natural and luminous result. In addition, to have a glamorous look, a few personalized pigments give a subtle, glossy and silky aesthetic result. It is therefore on the Tissage-Bré website that I was able to find everything necessary to have a hairstyle that is easy to adapt; hidden or not.

On the care side, it is an essential &daily step in order to protect the hair from the many external aggressions. The quality of the hair is the basis of a beautiful hairstyle. Indeed, there are several care protocols to pamper the hair depending on its condition. Nutrition, shine, hydration :if you do your hair care routines at home, you have to choose your products carefully.

Generally, the effectiveness and quality of the ingredients is paramount. So do not hesitate in case of doubt to read the composition of your care. And until then, make your hair your charming asset, confined or not!

Hair care – How to pamper your hair?