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How to grow your hair faster?

A good fit!

No miracle, if you want to grow your hair, you will have to be patient. And for the regrowth to go as well as possible, without risk of cracking or depression, go to the hairdresser. Ask him for a cut that will age well. If you don't want to cut too much, he will still have to cut your ends so that your hair is healthy. This is the secret to fast growth, if your hair is damaged, it wears out!

According to our grandmothers, the best day to get a haircut is during the full moon. We don't know if it's true but the most superstitious of you can test...

Take care of your hair.

After passing through the hands of your hairdresser, pamper your hair. Make masks regularly to hydrate your tips. Wash with mild shampoos.

Garnier Ultra Doux toning shampoo with grapefruit and green tea. Recommended retail price:€3.10.

Change your hairbrush for one with natural bristles, boar if possible. They are softer and will damage your hair less. Besides, brush your hair well morning and evening, it stimulates the scalp; like massages for that matter. In the shower, massage your scalp with the pulp of your fingers, in small circular movements.

Healthy food.

Yep, what you eat can affect hair growth! To be healthy, obviously favor a balanced diet. Add nuts and cereals, vegetable oils, oily fish and tuna to your dishes, especially recommended in these cases.

Food supplements.

In addition to these natural boosters, you can start a course of nutritional supplements.

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You can also try brewer's yeast which helps strengthen hair mass, among other things because it is a very complete food supplement. You will find active brewer's yeast capsules in the health section of the supermarket.


In moments of fed up, make hairstyles in which you can hide clip-in extensions. They are cheap and easy to use. For a really natural effect, we braid our hair and we have Rapunzel's hair!

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