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How to cut your own hair?

Tips for cutting your own hair

• Cut on dry hair, especially if it is curly or frizzy.
• Proceed little by little, even if it means repeating the steps several times.
• Detangle your hair at each step of the tutorial.
• Use professional scissors. Barber scissors and paper scissors are as different from each other as a watering can and a fork can be.

How to maintain your bangs

1. Make a ponytail on untangled hair.
2. Hold the center part of the bangs between your fingers and cut in a spiky style.
3. Cut the edges of the bangs at an angle. Do not cut horizontally, it is the first factor of the "floating bangs" effect.
4. If one side is thicker than the other, bring back a section of hair to balance.
A fringe is also controlled during regrowth. So, do not hesitate to maintain it!

How to cut your own layered hair

1. Comb your hair forward. Yes, like Cousin Machin in the Adams family.
2. Make a ponytail at the forehead with the part of the hair, before the tip of the ears, which will be tapered.
3. Cut in picket at the chin.
4. Make a high ponytail and pinned at the back of the head. Style it towards the front of your head.
5. Spike cut.

How to make a gradient square

1. Sweep your untangled hair into a high ponytail in the middle of your head.
2. Style it towards the front of your head and gauge the length to cut.
3. Cut at an angle .
4. To make a fringe, draw a triangle parting at the edge of your hair.
5. Cut in a spiky style without pulling on your hair.

In case of a mistake, don't panic:in hair matters, you can experiment everything, because no drama lasts. Do not hesitate to ask your hairdresser to make up for the disparities. If you're worried about misunderstandings, learn to speak the language of hairdressers! And, if you're still reluctant, check out our tips for changing your look without cutting!

Want to see the result of your cut before you start? The makeover tool is here to help.